Lottie my African Grey telling everyone her name is Bond, James Bond [plus the tune whistled of cause]. Then blows a kiss and says “Whats that all about?”
So Cute

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    • Barnaby Lovemum

      Be careful, that bird might be planning to kill you.

    • Muniyx

      So awesome, saw this from Twitter!

    • terminator5323

      These birds mimics sounds in the wild, allowing them to repeat words and
      sounds heard in it’s enviroment. In the wild they are known to mimics the
      call of a male that has a parter and trick the female into thinking that he
      is hers breeding parter .

    • Dominique Plume

      my name is BOND !

    • BinkieMcFartnuggets

      You can officially put Lottie ahead of George Lazenby on the list of the
      best James Bonds.

    • Chloe' Cherisma

      This is the best thing to hit the internet in a long time. 

    • Ted Smith

      Once Daniel Craig’s contract to play James Bond expires, I think Lottie
      would be a great James Bond in subsequent films. 

    • jasonhale1011

      *LOVE* the way he does the James Bond theme!

    • William Johnston

      That’s one suave parrot.

    • iiJamie Petty

      “What’s at all about?” Haha

    • Sydni

      I would never leave the house if I had a parrot. I would teach him how to
      have an entire conversation and it would be AWESOoOOome!

    • Vortex

      Oh my god thats brilliant haha.

    • RaneyDay

      More like James Bird!!! HAHAHA…. I need a life.

    • William Johnston

      They’ve cast the next James Bond at last.

    • Zomn

      They have to be pretty smart, and different then us in a
      communication-sense but I reckon the differences are subtle and alien
      enough to not be quite approachable for anyone less then a phd.

    • youkilledkiller22

      You must be Ames.

    • m598lmr

      Do you expect me to talk?!!!!
      No I’m expect you to sing

    • Bryan Black

      I’m in love.

    • Jesse Hernandez

      watch out guys, we have a badass over here

    • John Jennings

      is the parroted after a refer miss Lotte Lenya, the first great Bond
      villain, later honored in Mack the Knife?

    • Jason Lee

      Bond. James Bond. :D

    • Uki Malefu

      Now THAT’s a good disguise for a spy.

    • Nancy Pasquale

      I also have an African Grey..they are so awesome!

    • The Canadian Bacon

      This will end up on Ray William Johnson’s channel soon I bet

    • Bruno Silva

      Now teach him >> I’M BATMAN

    • M Jave

      Thank god no one can troll.

    • Tambir Hasan

      Never knew James bond was this cool

    • coffee&cake

      James Bond in gray suit and red tie…

    • TheCoryYoung

      That’s probably the coolest bird on the planet

    • Dee Seahawk

      So cute! Even Brian Fellow would like this bird. 

    • Nin13666

      i ate one of these. they’re delicious.

    • albert wesker

      the fact that it does the theme is so great

    • baobin250900


    • Alison McBride

      my name is BOND !

    • TheChristellar

      this is so adorable

    • psychesp

      Set it free

    • Caitlin Styre

      Does Lotti have a real British accent? 

    • playitsafe2

      Chuck Norris is inside the bird

    • Kaninop Channel


    • ManlyPanties


    • Twit from Uranus


    • funkyflights

      That’s awesome!!! 

    • dhiru 27

      I am root :)

    • Bros For life


    • Soterio Salles

      My Name Is Bond, James Bond… 

    • Jose Fco Esojf


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