My sun conure is talking a little. Echo, allo, té beau Echo (you’re beautiful Echo – in french), laughing… etc.

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    • Biti Bee

      Your Sunnie is Georgous 🙂

    • karaLUVEanime

      AWWwwwwww that's so cute,i want a sun conure

    • greyseagirl

      @56animallover Parrots have very strong personalities and require a LOT of attention. There's a lot to know about them so unless you're truly willing to make a lot of commitments and changes in your life to fit around them, think about a different type of pet. Also, they can be extremely LOUD so if you're not in a situation where you or your neighbors can tolerate it, don't get one.
      If you can handle that for starters though, they are an absolute joy and wonder.

    • Olivia Peach

      Our sun conure Katie says 'get it right', she gives kisses, and loves to dance… 🙂

    • Kartashka

      wat r u talking about, i have 5 birds and it costs nothing, its only like 200 a year!

    • mattaki

      the price of the bird is only the beginning. vet bills, toys, cages, an industrial strength vaccum and other cleaning supplies – it all adds up for a lifetime of expenses!

      but it's fun!

    • Nicodemus24601

      Ashame you bought yours from Petsmart Buahaha…their breeding facilities are akin to puppy mills.

      Don't buy, adopt…like dogs and cat there are hundreds of unwanted and abandoned birds out there.

    • x00sarin00x

      Nothing wrong with that. It just makes me angry when people see a bird and the first thing they look at is the price tag. When I get a bird, I make sure I have the cage, all the toys, perches, harness, etc. and at least half of the birds cost in vet bills in my bank. People need to research first, that's all. So they at least know what they're getting themselves into. : It'll really help keep birds out of Rescues.

    • fuzychiapet

      A cheap bird isn't necessarily a good bird, but what's wrong with wanting to save a few hundred bucks if a respectable breeder can be found with good prices?

    • hollygirl222

      i cant here him

    • Cody Dickson

      our bird has an evil laugh when he bites somebody.. well not much a bite like a pinch when he bites it really hurts.

    • x00sarin00x

      Uhm.. If you are concerned about a bird's price I wouldn't even get a bird. No offense but if you are looking for a 'cheap parrot' you wont get one. Why do you want a Sun Conure? Because they are pretty? Sun Conures where I live range from 400-800 at breeders. Their cages cost at least 150-400 dollars. Not including the toys and vet costs. Think about your decision please.

    • Riley Machado

      unfortanutely, my sun conure um died yesturday because me and my mom went to flordia and my sister whos 18 had to take care of him and she said that he was fine before she fed him and went to work but when me and my mom got home there he(well i dont know if its a she or a he we never got him tested)was laying down at the bottom of the cage,dead.i dont even have any pictures of him and i cant ever see him again.right now im crying becuz he was my best of luck with your conures!!:(

    • chaim shmaryahu

      my bird usd to bite me then he would laugh…hes mean…..but fun

    • John Moseley

      What a little cutie and so many toys…..that is wonderful. I can tell he is well loved. (:

    • Marlon TRAINER

      U got 1 sopiled conure ha jk look at all dem toys look lik a conure disney world.

    • Dee Adkins

      that is just what I had done when I first got my Sun, I video taped while I was away and he talked to himself. Very cute!!!

    • roarintheforest

      I LOVE SUN CONURES. And this birdie!
      My LOLALINATOR is very destructive.

    • Tanja Nelson

      How lucky you are to have such a wonderful parrot!

    • friskykipper

      so is it okay to have a bigger cage than that (im thinking of getting a sun)

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