Meet Neo. He just turned 3 in June 2014 and loves to show off his talking skills.

    15 replies to ""Neo" the African Grey talking up a storm – Best parrot talking video ever"

    • Donna Patton

      To the few who r just being rude and how your bird is bettet. WHERE IS YOUR VIDEO… didn't your mom ever teach if u don't have something to say to shut up…

    • Jimi Goes HAM

      Pretty bird.

    • Evie Foggy

      Such a clever little bird.   I have AG also and she does talk, but not like Neo.   Thanks for sharing.   Wish there were subtitles though as some is a little difficult to understand.

    • Kermit T. Frog

      I am more impressed by parrots who use words in context. Not just random babbling.

    • Blue Jay Aves

      This bird is a an audio recorder .

    • Jordan Bronson

      So we know there are 2 Dogs + Cat in the house + Cell Phone Ring Tone and Alert! 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Mc Dicky

      Amazing bird

    • melodysmash

      Based on this video, I can only assume you and Neo live with two dogs, a rooster, a pigeon, a robot, an octopus, and a duck.

    • Manuela Costa Lima

      Oh Neo, you are a wondrous creature — smart, talkative and such a talented imitator of sounds. And you do love those tender celery stalks, don't you lovey? Keep being your fabulous self and we'll be the better for it. 😊🦜🥬

    • BandfromtheBand

      Just 3 years old?? Neo has another good 60 more years to live, if not even longer. These birds don't age! Is Neo a boy or a girl! Neo has a mind that moves a mile a minute! Incredibly intelligent!

    • Patricia Alexander

      Why do many AGS say they have to go work? Lol, I always imagine them sitting behind a counter putting groceries into a bag!

    • jeffrey bernal

      OMG my parrot loved this.

    • BBH 백현 Light04

      I showed this to my parrot and he starts imitating NEO how cute

    • Axolotl King

      I've just heard a bird have a conversation with itself, and hum Mozart. My life is complete.

    • Christel Headington

      Excellent !

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