The long over due, longer introduction. If you have any questions about her just ask. I will try to have a video up some time next month showing her toys and cage. As I said in the video she is about 4 months old and will learn to talk in another 5-8 months. These birds require A LOT of attention and time, but she is well worth it.

    50 replies to "Nixie – My Timneh African Grey Parrot"

    • Alisha Dickenson

      as far as I know their intelligence levels are similar. Personalities
      differ in all birds tho. My timneh is 29.

    • litledevel15

      @TICHhardcorelover Not all people keep them in cages, some people, like
      myself, keep there african grey out of their cages all day and all night
      and have constant interaction with them.

    • FartherAway420

      Nixie has her moments as well, haha.

    • mimi2957

      I really disagree that you should get them young. I had a long illness, but
      before that , I had a lot of birds and people starting giving me their
      problem birds. After 1 day, you couldn’t tell which one I just got and
      which I hand fed as babies. And do the math – these birds can live to be 60
      (greys) to 100 (Amazons) so there are a lot of birds out living their
      owners, and they need homes. I started out just wanting babies, but I was

    • rebelxtishooter

      gorgeous bird..i would love to see an update. my timneh is grown now and is
      over a year old and she talks a ton!!!!!! she is so smart. your nixie is
      gorgeous and makes me want a baby again. i like the music too.

    • Cori Chyz

      I want to know how is Nixie now? I haven’t seen any newer videos…unless I
      am clueless, which could be true. I own a re-homed Timneh, he is going to
      be 14. I have had him for almost 4 years now. The timneh has only maroon,
      the red you are seeing I believe is called “red factor” I will look for
      more of Nixies videos…

    • Nima Norman

      I have a 29 yr old just like this one… her name is Goo.. my mamaw got her
      when i was 6 yrs old and she talks non stop! and is very smart… she has
      lived with me now for about 6 yrs.. and yes she will know what she is
      saying and doing lol she was walking to me one day to get her treat and she
      stumbled on one of her perchs and she yelled out SHEW!! WE!! lol and then I
      said lordy u bout fell she said YEP! aaawwww

    • elizabeth12775


    • tornandfrail

      hi how much about did you pay for the purch im looking for one but not sure
      about the prices? plz reply thank you Xx. kikou .xX

    • xXEagleXx22

      How much are African Grey Parrots?? Thank you

    • 02lcooper

      we have a timneh. hes awesome, and very happy. he is only in the cage when
      he wants to be, and believe me, he lets us know when he wants to be lol. he
      makes loads of mimics, and great whistles. But he isnt hand reared, hes
      wild. He is great for a wild bird but he doesnt like being handled. he
      doesnt get scared, he stands up to us, and shows whos boss. hes got a good
      bite but i cant blame him. one day he will pull out the gun from under his
      feathers. i love him so much lol.


      great video – my african grey passed away-my dad and mom heartbroken. even
      the loss of the bird there is emptiness in the house because she use to
      wake us up at 6 am .

    • elisa grimes

      nice parrot, beautiful!

    • drummerdude667

      how much are they?

    • rsTHEKINGHHHrs

      dang, wut a beauty. i want 1 🙂

    • FartherAway420

      Not really. The biggest difference is that Timnehs are more likely to bond
      with multiple people and as you stated Timnehs are smaller.


      sorry to hear for the loss of your bird .

    • FartherAway420

      I don’t live in California so I have no clue.


      my girl friend gave me one for free lol

    • leadee2007

      She’s so cute! I adopted a 19 yr old Timneh and he’s just wonderful. I
      can’t believe how affectionate he is and he does talk some as well. I’ve
      had him not quite a few months. He made himself at home here almost
      immediately. I know what you mean when you say they remind you of pidgeons
      because I grew up being around homing pidgeons.

    • LadyTacoHat

      How did you train her? I’m planning on getting an African Grey and I don’t
      want to have him/her caged. My main concern is the pooping. Thanks.

    • xAkatsukiFangirlx

      no, theyre rele friendly.

    • DeadlyChinchilla

      Insulting me for my age isn’t exactly civilized. I thought, from the
      comment, that the BIRDS had issues the people couldn’t or wouldn’t deal
      with. This is common in the parrot world, and is not my own “stupid young
      judgement.” So very sorry that I misunderstood, and that you took it with
      such maturity. *note sarcasm*

    • HattielovesTimneh

      Too bad they don’t live for 4,000 years. Hatsheput of Egypt had one who she
      told all her secrets to, I bet that “hebebe” knew where the gold was
      buried. Just kidding folks.

    • issanel

      Hey beautiful bird, mine is a congo who wont shut up welcome to hell!
      Please change the lighting too much of a glare.

    • Sweetlolly11

      “They kinda remind me of pigeons. I know it sounds a bit weird” No, it
      doesn’t!! Really, they DO look a bit like pigeons! That blurry-blue color
      and their bodies are alike and they do look like pigeons!

    • hillaryperson

      I have a timneh and they remind me of pigeons too!

    • JujixFruit

      I think Timneh and Congo Greys are the most awesome parrots ever. 😀

    • DeadlyChinchilla

      Aww, baby! Wish mine was still a cute, happy baby. My Congo is now a raging
      teenager, but at least puberty is over with at 3 years. A really good food
      for these birds is a cooked bean mix. Lots of good fiber, especially if you
      mix in some barley. You just cook dehydrated beans for about 45 minutes,
      then pack it up and unfreeze small amounts as you need it. Its SUPER good
      for them, and they love a warm tasty meal. Just sharing. ^_^


      ther cool birds but ther fags my uncles is a bitch it always bite my finger

    • mimi2957

      They didn’t have problems the old owners did, which obviously was the point
      of my posts. You are really judgmental.

    • emma9sachi

      Nixie is so cute.

    • MiniBaker2008

      ALOT… i got one and it was over £700

    • SHERI P

      Hi this video was taken a few years ago.. so how is the bird now? she
      should be around 5 years old..

    • greenmatrix151023387

      that’s evanessence in the background isn;t it? good choice of music for a
      bueatiful animal

    • TOPUTE

      get a lil recorder n make it play back a couple words over night every
      night 😛

    • toast1234567

      i knew some on who had one for 104 years he had to pass it on to his kids.

    • alfonso908

      anything with a mouth bites…….

    • Solvita123

      ofc itsn not fully grey here is called (translated to english) grey red
      tail :)) i realy want one to from little so it know my familie so it wont
      bite to often guz our old one be bought it while it was like 1 year old and
      bite me twice freaken hard so i’m still little scared of them..

    • MUTEGIO36

      lol im sorry but can you say unfitting music??

    • foxcloak866

      my white face grey cockatiel bites anyone that comes near his cage

    • bob walker

      i’m suprized he hasn’t fed this parrot to his freinds12 foot python snake

    • mimi2957

      DeadlyChinchilla, it occurred to me you might be young after I posted that,
      so I checked. I might have pulled my punch on the judgmental comment.
      You’re about my son’s age. I did quarantine them, and they were all single
      birds. Both their lives and mine were better! The one that haunts me is the
      umbrella I didn’t get. A friend’s daughter-in-law had him, and her solution
      to it’s screaming problem was to cover it all the time. She tried to coax
      her into giving it up, but failed.

    • FartherAway420

      Depends on your vet. For us I think it cost us less than $30. Many breeders
      offer it as well for an additional cost.

    • smiegele

      Cute cute bird… I have a senegal parrot , and they are also great pet:-)

    • FartherAway420

      Just make sure you have plenty of time to spend with them EVERY DAY! I
      recommend AT LEAST 6 hours each day out of it’s cage. Remember that they
      can live over 60 years so this is life long commitment! Other than that,
      just making sure you have everything you need and try to supply new toys to
      play with on a regular basis.

    • Hush Puppie

      what song

    • greenmatrix151023387

      r.i.p. to your grey

    • vegbeauti

      It’s gonna get depressed with that music you play!

    • mindprism

      What a wonderful world.

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