Finally I had my camera ready. Pebble and I hanging out when she started getting jiggy with my hand. I had to tell her that we can’t be boyfriend/girlfriend it’s my belief that she is trying to convince and let me know how great of a girlfriend she would be for me. She is such a goofball we love her! Thank you everyone for waiting so long for a new video it’s been crazy busy as our captain has been down and out for far too long and I’ve had to pick up my boots and do her share, well as close as I can to her share as she is amazing! Thanks again everyone for watching! Enjoy miss and forever just miss pebble ;D

We welcome your subtitles!! Send us what you hear Pebble saying at this link ☺

    20 replies to "No pebble, I can’t be your boyfriend"

    • Armando Bajrami


    • Roland Moreno

      She sounds like Cher.

    • Phil J.L Fig

      Is this Kelly in the video?

    • trxxxtr

      U see you like drums. What's type of music do ya play? r ya a fellow metal head? ??


      Abused her entire life just to be friendzoned from the first guy that treat her well. ;_;

    • rumaana hadjee

      Im actually worried about pebbles

    • boss 219

      It's actually kinda scary how human she is acting in this video.

      Owner: are u a pretty girl?
      Pebble: yea, hahaha ?

      Like wtf ???

    • David Kirk

      Pebble is hilarious!!! Rotflmao

    • Avery Jones

      Soo cute!??

    • MiamiPush2theLimit

      Her laugh is soooo funny!

    • StupidUglyScreamingKid :T

      I think pebble is not a girl bc male cockatoos have blueish color around their eye and as u can see pebble has it,female cockatoos have brownish around their eyes .-.

    • tat3rs

      can you get her a male cockatoo to occupy her time? she clearly has lady needs.

    • Dell Wash


    • TayTay Whited

      Pebble’s a bad bitch

    • pinkyman5155

      I have a friend who has a cockatoo, she says its a dickhead.

    • Bipolar Bettas

      I could be pebbles bf.. ?

    • lastpokemon

      Can someone shut the other birds. The queen is talking

    • ahmed omer

      when she was laughing, that was her breakdown period. After that began the usual rage mode.

    • Catalan Vibria

      give up dude, you're never gonna win an argument with a woman, they're WAAAYYY to stubborn! XD

    • Staci Bremer

      This bird is the best I get such a good laugh over her

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