Spinnaker, our Scarlet Macaw, is developing a pretty good vocabulary. It is not always what we want to hear, but Spinnaker is very independent and vocal. The dogs don’t know they are dogs. We think Wrenches must have had her vocal cords removed, but she still tries. She and Socket were rescued from the Humane Society. Their lives used to be much different…

    20 replies to "Our Talking Scarlet Macaw Parrot, Spinnaker, talking to Rolo & Chihuahuas being Chihuahuas"

    • tillybumbilly

      I feel like you're about to have a fiesta.

    • ilikeceral3

      Looking good there burd!

    • William Barnes

      You got one of dem fancy talkin' chickens.

    • Joaquin Gill

      your dog is obese but ok

    • RexusprimeIX

      Is there an off switch for Rollo? When he starts barking he won't stop.

    • JCReptiles

      What's it like living with the bird? How much time does he take up? I'm thinking about getting one of these.

    • Kristine Kuntz

      The bird is watching Caddy Shack. Leave him alone. ?

    • Mackenzie Viera

      Did Spinnaker poop on the floor? Or is there a tray attached to his/her stand? I can't tell aha

    • grendel b

      Rolo is so cute… Your animals seem so happy.

    • Fred Bates

      This has become one of my 'go to' videos! Why? Rolo!After the human gets Spinnaker going, Rolo takes over, brings order and then brings the meeting to close.

    • Tom Hank

      Parrot is like you got me pooping on camera come on man

    • Christos Tryfonopouls

      This is as close to a dinosaur we will ever see…

    • 240 Subscribers and no Videos found?

      Dang.. I really want a scarlet macaw, but I know I am not ready to care for one and I am worried I will die and no one will be available to care for my scarlet macaw 🙁
      (Because by the time I get one, I will already be an adult… probably. And they live for 75-100 years.)

    • Justin Tucker

      sweet tacky decorations

    • Katie Harnandez

      Were did you get him?

    • Hetty Games

      I really want to get 1! so i can teach it to do tricks and talk idk which one to get! I think scarlet macaw is cool but i am not sure!

    • Wellington

      Great macaw!

    • Wally West

      Your animals are adorable lol. What a beautiful Macaw

    • Chesapeake Synchronicity

      Rolo is fat because he has epilepsy and takes phenobarbital twice a day. Side effect is excessive thirst/hunger. Other than that, he is OK.

    • G G

      God rolo is so fat lol

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