My african grey really likes my cat

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    • hogo1


    • Russian Turnipz

      0:15 cat: fkin scrub
      Parrot: U wot m8?
      Cat: *shit*

    • オタク Daichi

      my african grey also does this to me XD
      it’s 10 times funnier with the cat’s expression XD

    • Thomás Carvalho
    • Malik Evans

      0:18 Parrot: “So I heard you was talkin shit.”

    • winter eve

      LOL omg that cats face. My cat makes this face whenever I look at him or
      get close to him.

    • linuxgirl

      Oh my goodness, I was worried for that bird until I saw the cat swipe . . .
      but it looks like he was prepared. 🙂 And of course the cat wasn’t serious!
      Please tell me, did you raise the cat with the bird from a kitten? I have
      thought about having an African grey and a cat together myself, but was
      worried it would be too dangerous for the bird. Will a cat try to kill one,
      or is a grey too big?

    • WarHammer30000

      Parrot: ” U FOCKING W0T M8 ?”

    • Steel Dreams

      The cat is drugged

    • L0LP0MG

      0:09 “*ahem*… U FOCKING WOT M8?”

    • Matthew Sky

      “You see this cat here?
      He’s really hot.
      Like, look at his eyes!
      You know what I’m saying?
      YOu have really pretty eyes.”

    • §matchimo

      ur lucky kit didnt just take your cat’s eye.

    • Inglenook Productions

      Morning! 🙂 

    • Longknife

      Cat = Buddhist
      Parrot = Jehovah’s Witness 

    • ultraxe typicalgamer

      what an asshole

    • dvdsarescary

      This is easily one of my favorite videos on the Internet.

    • Vladimir Osipov
    • Nora Bryant

      Love this. Laughed so hard. Birds are so funny!

    • KingDT2007

      The cat is like help my food its playing with me 

    • Pedro Bello-Maldonado

      That cat practices some serious self-control.

    • El Mooo

      I was expecting “Rules of Nature” to start blaring.

    • solidcarl

      If Kanye West were a parrot, he would be this one.

    • Dave Macias

      Was that bird trying to pick the cat’s eye out…? What a mean bird.

    • Sophitoaster

      Am I the only one worried that the parrots gonna peck out the cat’s eye

    • Leeza CD

      Both of them are so darn cute…but:
      FYI: “Cats commonly have Pasteurella bacteria as part of their natural
      flora. While this bacteria is ubiquitous in cats and does them no harm, it
      is DEADLY to birds. Even if you cat just bats your bird or gets saliva on
      your bird, you could end up with a dead bird. Also, if you bird has a
      persistent problem with itching and other skin issues and you have a cat,
      this could be a cause and your vet should be asked to screen for this
      bacteria. If your bird is ever in a confrontation with a cat, take him to
      the vet immediately even if there are NO apparent wounds. The bird could
      still have been exposed to this bacteria. You should get your bird to a vet
      the same day if you think it has come in physical contact with a cat’s
      saliva, feces, or food. This bacteria means even friendly relationships
      between cats and birds are not safe. Period.”

    • franciman2

      That parrot is up to something! You nice parrot, I’m watching you!! And you
      too, nice silly cat!

    • Ted Chirvasiu

      Oi mate

    • 4SakeOfConvienience

      Look at me Hector.

    • mynameisray

      haha, the look on that cats face… haha

    • Yuricen

      “1v1 me m8″

    • sevan grigoryan

      Good thing it didn’t swop harder cause it could of done damage 

    • Theden Denthe

      Parrot “Oi mate now listn ere aye. Ya listnin mate?”

    • rocksvids08


    • sarra smith

      just stretching my legs

    • MamesTv

      Cat: i… hate… my… life

    • kitahsushi

      i was really concerned for a second cause this cat looks EXACTLY like my
      cat, esp w the grey/tan split on the face. & i’m just

    • Vladimir B.

      Hey, the cat seems scared to death ;)

    • John Smith


    • Chill Out Lover

      HAHAHA cat’s face is hilarious :)

    • John Hutchins

      Hey Pete, Pete, look, look, Pete, look, Pete, Pete, Pete? Look, look.

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