See in detail how to trim a parrot beak with a Dremel and nail file, by Dr. G.

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    • Jose Caceres

      What is the beak trimming, claw trimming on a red lored amazon? Mine is
      very loving when he perches on my shoulders or when I scatch his head, but
      he freaks out and bites me every time I try do clip his claws or his wings.
      It is like I always loose my wrestling matches with him. Could you please
      direct me to video clips that deal specifically with this type of bird? I
      thank you very much for any help on this.

    • Montassir Hamdaoui

      Hi Dr 🙂
      I Have A grey Parrot too, he is Friendly With Me, But When I Get Closer To
      Play With Him He Try To Bite Me So Hard & I don’t Know What Should I do?
      Some People Told He Bit Because He Don’t Have A Partner,Please Dr Give An
      Advise x)

    • Kris Lee

      My eclectus needs a trim really bad I think he will scream when they try to
      do this it goes all the way to his throat I’m just going to take it to the

    • AniMus Zentrix

      Does it hurt African greys because mines he screams a little when the dr
      trims it

    • Jose Caceres

      Thank you so very much for your answer to my inquiry. My birds mean a lot
      to me (they are my roommates after all) and I consider them my children. I
      used to take them to a vet and to a pet store for trimming, but they really
      dislike both instances and being handled by strangers who are rough with
      them. I appreciate your video clips, but most of all, I really appreciate
      your response. Thank you again, and may God bless you always. Sincerely,
      Jose, Baby and Jasper Caceres.

    • Petsvets MMG Global Concepts Dr. G.

      I’ll be glad to have a look at Rio’s beak if you can send a good quality
      close up shot but ideally, you should consult an avian veterinarian to make
      sure Rio is healthy overall and not just a nice bird with a nice beak.

    • harik freefly

      Hi dr. N Friends May GOD always bless tou all for saving little angels.Am
      called harik[PET NAME] [from India].I’ve been doing parrots and lov birds
      rescue for over 3nhalf yrs.Will U help me in saving little angels lives if
      I ever need your help . And also am really-really interested in working
      with you all for helping and rescuing helpless parrots and lovebirds – plz
      help, thanks a lot GOD BLESS U, BIRDS ANIMALS ,EVERYONE 

    • melody mccormick

      I have some very old peahens (about 5 or six years) who seem to be in
      excellent health. They get greens, cracked corn and grow . They have wood
      and things to work their beaks. As they have aged their beaks have become
      very log and are starting to curve under the much more than in the younger
      birds. My question is, should I just put large pumice rocks in the pen, or
      can I use nail file and just file off the long part like one would do with
      a long fingernail? We do not have an avian vet and the closest is about 40
      miles which causes them distress when traveling (as well as my distress)

    • Tu Tran

      Dr. G, most African Grey parrot would bite so how were you able to control
      them to do their beak like that. You did a great job!…

    • yorkie2love

      I like this Dremel you are using. Is it still available?

    • yorkie2love

      Why did you leave out the shine part? Inquiring mine’s what to know how to
      shine a beak when done.

    • CheekyGoose

      Can you demonstrate on a budgie or love bird. I want to how to handle a
      small bird.

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