Parrot Care Guide -
The Ultimate Parrot Care Guide will reveal what you need to know about pet birds and Parrots.

Simple secrets to caring for and keeping a healthy happy parrot and parrots as pets.

Pet Bird Care and Tips for Success

Will your parrot or pet bird outlive you?
An Amazon Parrot can live as long as 50 years, and a parakeet up to 15 years.
A birds lifespan is a common misconception amoung ,many pet bird owners.

Become more knowledgeable – Learn common pet bird misconceptions.

Healthy Birds – Is your pet parrot or bird healthy
Hidden dangers are lurking around every corner, and what you don’t know can
shorten your birds life span. Things you can do to keep them safe and
healthy. One major danger is fumes from chemical products such as aerosol
sprays, teflon pans and furniture polish. These things ca kill your parrot or
bird. Make sure they are in a well ventilated area.

Parrot nutruition: Feed yor pet parrot or bird correctly for a long and happy
life. Malnution is the most common cause of illness amoung the avain family. A
diet, for instance, that is based primaril on seeds is defiient in many
nutrients, including vitamin A, calcium and is also to high in fat content.

Basic pet bird care – Want to know how to care for , train and housebreak you
pet parrot or bird?
How about detecting illness early and find out what stages are and what
actions to take.

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