Parrot totally micromanages his mom — he even makes sure her hair is “brushed” and supervises vacuuming! 😂



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    • Caity

      Don’t leave your birds outside their cage while you’re asleep!

    • Wake N Bake

      Beautiful gift for u😊

    • Alina

      I love seeing happy animals. It makes my heart happy. 😊

    • Mike Jawid

      pluto is so adorable.

    • led light


    • Chrissy BeeBee

      Adorable!! Anyone else notice Pluto’s Mom’s resemblance to Princess Merida from Brave? And it’s not just the red hair. Such a lovely family/flock!!! ❤❤🌈🌈

    • Tricia Briggs-Akerboom

      When you said when you’re editing and you turn up the color, that’s what Pluto is in your life….THAT WAS PERFECTLY SAID!

    • Jason

      Parrots are smart little birds. They can have the same intelligence as a human toddler.

    • Ellie Willow

      I say this with kindness please for the love of god do not pet them anywhere but the head & neck. When you pet them anywhere else it’s sexual for them , they will fall In love romantically and get hormonal

    • Pammers 55

      Such an adorable video

    • bible

      Bro pluto is vip

    • stancexpunks

      Reminds me of our sun conure, Bertie ❤❤❤ Just a thought, she mentions she just finished her nursing degree. Those 12 hour shifts are not going to be popular with parrots. I hope she has someone else there to socialize with him

    • Daughter of the King!

      I truly need a Pluto in my life. Nowadays, human relationships don’t do it for me that is whyI just need to immerse in nature and soak that in.

    • 0-by-1 Publishing LLC

      Pluto is beautiful! I have three macaws, and when they want you to get up in the morning … they get you the f- up!

    • Robert Carter

      Beautiful and adorable

    • Poe Poep

      Remember To Pray Before Eating And Drinking. Spread The Gospel.

    • gyshalom

      get married have a family for gods sake

    • jerry 0123

      Such a bonding!! It's so heartwarming. I am so happy to see this

    • KIKI_The_ArCtIC_cAt_GiRl

      He's so adorable and he's got gorgeous feathers

    • Fingr'z B'Grubbin'

      How he moves his head with the dripping coffee.

    • Lostin MIA

      These birds are so cute but they can be sooooooo loud if you don't give them constant attention. I had to donate mine because I couldn't be there enough and he was alone. He was damaging my ear drum even when I was with him.

    • MelarryO

      Sadly my Sunconur got out one day while we were out. The cat had pushed out the screen in the window and Apollo flew away.

    • Walksp

      Sweet Pluto💕

    • Black Bunny

      He's literally the sun but with feathers. So pretty!

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