Jack is saying “Jack you All wet” and Hello

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    • Aden Selvan

      My bird is the same kind but he says bluey bluey for some random reason

    • MrBrightSide784

      Hey guys im in need for some advice ok so.. Today i went and got a hair cut and came back and went to go see my green cheek and he doesent no its me!! he keeps on biting me really hard! Please you guys this bird was like my best friend he was the joy in my life i dont no what to do any ideas?

    • Helen B

      how old did your green cheek start dancing at… mine is 4 months old, Buddy, and i can get him to bob his head….

    • tode909

      For mine, it took him about 8 months. I couldn't even tell he was talking until I listened closely… His little mumbles sounded unlike the rest of his usual noises. Only you will be able to tell if it's a word or not!

    • tode909

      Oh that is just too cute. My green cheek says, "Good boy, Kirby!" He talks more than my Grey does! ha ha. I believe your Jack is a maroon bellied conure?

    • captmicha

      I wish that worked with my lovebirds.

    • Archimedes Lair

      He's unbelievable! Good video 🙂

    • afgswe

      haha 200 dollars for a green cheek, thats alot of money.
      in danmark they cost 150 dkk, its like 20 dollars. green and blue cheecked are the cheapest ones, theres another also that is cheap, its called "bloodwinged conure" here in sweden/denmark. dont know what their english name is.

    • stillautumn

      OK, the first part won't post. I give up and I'm not retyping it all again. Just take a look at my video. What you'll hear is only 1/2 her vocabulary.

    • stillautumn

      OK, the whole first part of this comment disappeared…Now i have to retype it. Grrrr

    • stillautumn

      They will also make up words in place of a word they might have trouble with or just plain not like. One of the suns either can't say nite, nite or she just doesn't like the sound of it so in place of nite, nite she saids what sounds like, ship, ship. If you look under my videos, you'll see one titled "Sun Conure talking to the bird video" That's Autumn, the one who says ship, ship. Though she doesn't say it on this video.

    • Freybah

      That's a Maroon Bellied Conure, not a Green Cheek (to some of these other commenters)…. He's SO cute! I love their little voices.

      My Green Cheek says just as many things as my Amazon, he's just hard to understand if you don't know him!

    • scorpienna

      Jack is so cute! I can understand his speech perfectly, but maybe that's because I'm a conure mom (Charlie, green cheeked conure). I just love how fluffy he is. He looks like he's ready for some good-birdy scratches.

    • unweird06

      awh… I love to hear conures speak… it's so cute! Mine says "Duck duck goose" and he calls everyone in the household by name if he wants attention…It's so adorable

    • Holly Wilson

      yeah my sun talks a little aswell,… its a little hard 2 understand tho. but when he wants 2 be picked up he says "step up" and twiches his wings @ the same time. he says no and dont alot lol… "kiss" "scratch" "down" "hello" and whats up but its more like "wusup" lol… besides that i cant really understand wot his trying 2 say lol

    • Holly Wilson

      do you guys know if the suns are good talkers? iv got a baby one now im starting 2 try and teach, iv never tough a bird how to talk b4 tho

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