Best Laugh ever!

    22 replies to "Parrot laughing out loud !!!!!!!"

    • osimeon00

      How did this person record this without bursting into a fit of laughter themselves? 🤣

    • gothic dance crumps

      His eyes match the floor lol

    • Amazona albifrons “KOBO”

      Hello 😃


      It's cute ♪
      Is it imitation of human beings laughing?
      It's cute ♪

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)🕊

      I live in Tokyo, Japan! I have a white-fronted Amazon. I'm 11 years old. It's cute ♪

      Thank you for the wonderful video ♪


    • Soul Studios

      this bird lives in a society

    • Nuk Kokok

      This bird is so cute

    • Tim Daugherty

      OMG! Jeannie turned Kamala Harris into a parrot. LMAO!

    • Martinez Martinez

      IL papagalo brasiliano

    • Rj Rentie

      ppl are saying they'd be scared at night with a laughing parrot but i'd be losing sleep bc i'm laughing with it 😂😂

    • NeMe6iX

      I thought a human is laughing some granny lil

    • judy raymond

      God Bless All!!!

    • Marjut Paech

      I like the birds' humor and creativity. Exercises make us masters. Have a loving day. And as we see, all animals have emotions. There is no doubt about it.❤️

    • Life

      Dang 😂😂😅I thought there was a person !!

    • Erika Guzman

      Hahaha this is so funny!🤣🤣

    • Eduardo Jiménez Ávila

      Cómo está Buenos días



    • Claes Nordström

      haha omg actually has a contagious laugh

    • Abby Rimner

      I still dont belive this is the bird.!!
      Its very funny but still

    • star metalsàw star metals


    • Celia Amaral

      Kka e lindo federiqo brabo

    • Razvan

      why is this so creepy

    • hrishitaa kamal

      First I thought it was a human who was laughing!

    • Wael ALAbri

      That parrot sounds nice and funny!

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