my parrot singing a fragment of the Magic Flute by W. A. Mozart…he learned it very fast.

He died from a unknown disease with just 15 years old.
im very sad, cause he was my little friend and very special to me.
Thankyou all for the cute messages and for appreciate this amazing parrot, Menino.

Meu Papagaio cantando um fragmento da “Flauta Magica”, de W.A. Mozart….ele aprendeu muito rapido!!!
Ele morreu de uma doenca desconhecida com apenas 15 anos.
Estou muito triste por que ele era meu pequeno amigo e muito especial para mim.

Obrigada a todos pelas lindas mensagens e por apreciar esse incrivel animal, meu papagaio Menino!!!

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    • antikoerper256

      extraordinary creature.. its sad hes not among the living, RIP

    • TheSDproductionss


    • Jeff Talbot

      Wow, I wish Mozart was still alive and could see parrots signing his own

    • tanyan7

      Great! from japan. My bird can’t sing. But he can talk with us. I hope he
      will sing opera.

    • mrzayd syzm


    • KarlBunker

      Someone buy that parrot a drink. He deserves it.

    • kirathenytmare

      amazing 🙂 i wish my parrot could talk and sing like that

    • sarah2837

      What a special little bird! I am sorry that he is no longer with you. So

    • 519DJW

      When Caruso died, they said, “God needed a songbird in heaven.” Now, he has
      suitable company with whom he can sing duets.

    • Jessica Amadeus Jackson

      hahahahahahahahahahahaha loooool

    • warmooze

      an alle leute aus deutschland: schaut’s euch an bevor die GEMA noch auf den
      trichter kommt, singende tiere zu blocken.

    • xylfox

      Unbelievable perfect!!!

    • JustAnotherGuy350


    • elismack

      Your channel is funny and make me happy and relaxed… God bless you and
      your family & friends! Menino forever in our hearts!!!!!!!!!! Elis & Pepe
      (Serra Negra-Brazil)

    • Ethel Boucher


    • Adina Floyd

      Menino was a beautiful bird. I am sorry for your loss of him. I lost my
      amazon last yr, she was 12 years old. Its amazing how much love these guys
      can bring into your life

    • ruteisabelmendes

      Que amooor! 😀 Ahah O Menino cantava muito bem! Parabéns hehe paz 🙂

    • merjkidldn

      aww, r.i.p you little superstar

    • Freida Animals

      Gorgeous little man….I wanna see him in a tux!

    • alicia fuentes

      Ke bellesa..

    • Ariane Marques

      mexicans? spanish? lol

    • Freada Dillon

      Better than some singer i have heard– my african grey, Roxy sings a art of
      this piece, and is so proud of herself am so sorry your lost your baby. And
      the quickly become like our children. I hope you find it in your heart to
      adopt a needy parrot and love it, too,

    • joe rotter

      0:25 back off jack off

    • Matteo Latorre

      He had more talent in his peak than all the bunch of modern-illuminati pop
      singers combined

    • Thomas Nogueira

      Prepare yourself, Memebase fans are coming…

    • mjb1484

      “canta canta”. silly mexicans. parrots don’t speak spanish.

    • Ginger Berman

      I just find out that Menino died. I am so sorry for you and all his friends
      around the world. I adored Menino! I showed all my friends Menino singing
      the aria from the Magic Flute and Menino had us all singing along with him.
      I hope the happy memories you have will ease your loss.

    • JoAnn Siravo

      My amazon parrot demands I play this for him almost daily. He is in love
      with Menino. He knows the name if I say it, too. He gets very excited!

    • lottie7010

      I love this clip…. <3

    • celinhafink

      So cute!!!!!!!

    • ابو تركي


    • Bl0wUMind

      Best musicans dies young…

    • laceylocket1

      Wonderful . Pitch Perfect .

    • potato bills

      R.I.P my ears warning take off your head phones

    • FemaleObserver

      hahaha, luv this video, sooo much!! Can you make more videos of this bird?
      What else can it do?

    • Jessica Amadeus Jackson

      Mozart my love u’re back

    • mark leighton

      so sorry for your los

    • GellaAud

      Amazing! I absolutely love this bird 🙂

    • MadameCheshire

      Bird singing an opera by Mozart? I feel quite inadequate.

    • Kato Picchi

      Adorable. What kind of bird was he?

    • Daniel Babur

      0:46 do the ROBOT!!

    • Kahandran

      the guy sitting behind the parrot is so stoned

    • CANAL ExtremeGun

      heuehe BRBbrbrbrbRBrbRBRB heeheueHEUEHEUEUEEUEHEeheueheUE KKKKKKKKKKK

    • Julia Del Coro

      Wow! He’s singing one of the most difficult arias in all of opera
      literature! So, so sad to hear that he passed away… Bravo você …
      formadores bom! Condolências pela sua perda, eu espero que você encontre um
      outro papagaio em breve.

    • • LaSonata •

      Own, que fofo.

    • SHICOFF1

      Wonderful and he really worked at doing it to please his owner’s. RIP

    • harry balls

      I have to tell you that my parrot who is just like Menino, has the biggest
      crush on her/him. I play this video everyday for Gabby (my bird), and Gabby
      gets so excited, she sings, coos, calls out pretty bird, goes through all
      of her things. Thank you Menino, and family for allowing us to watch this
      video, even thought Menino is no longer with us in person, he/she can live
      on with this video!

    • S Mart

      So sorry. RIP

    • celinhafink


    • fungilonus

      I am very sorry about your tragic loss. 15 years is absolutely no age for
      an amazon parrot. But anyway I would like to thank you for sharing this
      video of Menino with us. He was a beautiful bird and a lovely singer. It is
      so sweet and relaxing hearing him sing, just magnificent. Kind regards
      Grand Fuggilon

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