Dobie Grey’s morning chatter, including her singing Sponge Bob song.

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    • cesarjimenezanimator

      1:30 – 2:03 Bob Sponge… Squarepants! *whistle*

      That was the best part!

    • Kristopher Levine

      If you shut your eyes,it sounds like an old crazy lady repeating nonsense
      over and over

    • Jake Beadle

      I freaking love how it even includes the whistle in the sponge bob section
      it sings. Gave me a good chuckle.

    • Skeleton Dad

      This would scare me if I was living alone with this parrot. Hearing someone
      speak on the other side of the house while you’re doing something else

    • bg4tification

      That moment when you begin regretting having talked to your parrot in that
      annoying baby voice.

    • Sonny Mushy

      Parrots dont talk , they mimic and use act with reaction. THey are silly
      creatures and enjoy having fun. I have 3 parrots and my grey makes up her
      own words and songs too. She has put STOP IT and QUIT IT together and made
      up SQUIT IT lol they are too funny and amazing. Only parrot owner can
      understand that and that why you have those neg comments , or maybe they
      are jealous the parrot has a higher IQ then them lol 

    • Raychu

      I want to be able to whistle the tune that perfect. 

    • Crazykid Gaming

      Sponge bob shuare pants!
      (Nails whistle)

    • Love Spongebob Or Else

      sbob square yes spongebob square pants (whistle) i’m dead that’s so funny
      1:30 + 2:19 lol 

    • Howard Martinez

      My bird calls me sounding like my dead father, that’s trippy

    • Kendzo Tanaka

      *scoop square*


      So basically they are senile old ladies ? Lol it’s so cute tho. Does it
      talk all the time? 

    • Joshua Supnet-Kim

      Parrots are just people with turrets 

    • Shannon Jones

      cool. a parrot singing sponge bob and soul redemption in one place.

    • Redeye

      He can whistle and he dosen’t even have lips.

    • Tiffany M

      Greys have such sweet little voices… 

    • Rage Quit Hero

      does he even know what hes saying
      im pretty sure he does

    • jasontman36


    • iRock Sixx

      I know this bird personally and he is SOOO cute and sweet!!

    • Dino Herceg

      This is sooo creepy lol but awesome :D

    • Mosaic

      If I ever own a parrot I’d teach them Mozart or an excerpt from Shakespeare
      or something awesome like that. Definitely no weird baby voices..

    • Timmy van son

      does she bite,, no she wont!..

    • Chad Rudiaschy

      You sound so old and lonely it translates through your bird.

    • princesspeach#1

      he didnt sing but still cute

    • Marco Diez


    • Tig Trager

      If the bird is mimicking its owners there sure is a lot of love in that
      house. The Spongebob whistle is pretty amazing.

    • Phoenix Drake

      This is hilarious. Hearing this parrot sing Spongebob is making me laugh.

    • Victoria Walker

      That was the best whistle ever

    • Kristy Le

      I loved the part where she imitated you

    • Zachary Busch

      Awesome I love that bird

    • X-King - Minecraft

      Best parrot ever.

    • Sarah Allen

      The brids are amazing.I enjoyed looking at they .

    • theinvsible1s

      I miss my African Grey so much :(

    • Kammy Smith

      That whistle was perfect 

    • nevaeh hanna

      so cute and funny that made me cry

    • Freshklain


    • MrBlaxicanKid

      1:19 “Hey, NO!” lol!!!

    • Emilie

      I love this song

    • Alcumis Games

      This isn’t spongebob square pants song!

    • HakulBee S

      Based on what I hear this cutie saying I can tell she’s well loved :-)

    • Crazykid Gaming

      That’s a African Gray.

    • Erica Payton

      Aww so cute!

    • TheOrzage

      Parrots are pretty much part time tape recorder.

    • Amber Lacey

      It is NOT SING!!!!!!!!!!

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