Presented in High Definition. Our female Congo African Grey parrot Arua is a pretty talkative parrot, as many greys are. And she’s polished her multilingual skills. English is not only NOT her first or second language, she actually spoke Polish when she came to us four years ago. Unfortunately she’s dropped many of her Polish words and phrases, since we don’t speak Polish, as she’s polished her English. She also speaks Dog and Cat, as well as many avian dialects. So she’s quite the accomplished linguist!

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    4 replies to "Parrot Talk: Conversations With An African Grey Parrot"

    • phildevt

      Gotta love that Grey talk!

    • ParrotTrainingSchool

      It is nice to sit back and relax watching you videos..

    • greybirdy

      Hi Arua! You are a beauty… and a great talker!

    • jabbabird

      She is beautiful!! I never had Jabba sexed. We are just assuming he is a
      “he”. lol

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