Pebble and Syd continued their conversation about our family supper 🙂

    20 replies to "Pebble and Syd talking again :)"

    • 40lilgemz

      It's so obvious your birds are thriving with the love you have for them

    • Sandra Cognet

      I love Pebble. She is so dramatic.

    • truthbknwn

      OMG that's so cute to hear Pebbles laugh so hard when you toss her upside down!

    • Geoff Patterson

      The best of pebbles

    • T4C

      Pebbles laughing is seriously so funny

    • Christine Lamin

      Oh you two are so adorable. More please. Xx

    • Helmut83

      At the end she seemed to be asking for more of that upside down thing you did to her.

    • rama rama

      i love her laugh ????????????????????????

    • Mem K

      Pebble and Syd you make my day!! Thank you


      She has been here before as a human being. Listen to her laugh…

    • Jane Miller

      Love her divaness.

    • Eliza Sadowska

      I died laughing.

    • speedbull1

      i am more like a dog person..but i see reveral movies from this real special bird on youtube channel and she s stole my heart. i love to see more of here 🙂 keep up the good work. big hug from me from holland ♡♥

    • PepicWalrus

      why hasn't an animated movie of Pebble been made yet?

    • Sheila Pratt

      we love you pebble.

    • Sheila Pratt

      we love you pebble.

    • Liru Larula

      Syd is you brother ? Sam3 looks

    • bulldog lover

      I have said it ad nauseam but I will keep saying it: this is probably my favorite video of Pebble. She is the cutest, sweetest, most intelligent, mischievous, funniest, outspoken little BSer of a bird I've ever known. She is brave, forgiving, curious and absolutely special. I love her for her. She certainly tells it like it is… unless she's telling tall tales like she does here and she RULES!!

    • Dorte Løkkegaard

      I understanding love between you

    • Dorte Løkkegaard

      Love it . Denmark

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