Adopt don’t shop!!!! More Pebble talk we love you all thank you for watching!!!!!

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    • maryam seyedi

      We love you a lot.

    • Mentaltoe

      You should translate these

    • Deb Gray


    • Sheila Allen

      She's responding intelligently tho it's crazy

    • Carole Linstead

      Pebble is the sweetest loveliest girl she touches my heart I think everyone has fallen in love with her she brings real joy to all of us who watch her

    • Macey Jacob

      you have to be calm with birds. I can't have birds because I'm to hyper and inpatient. Curse my ADHD.

    • rockybudgeboa

      Pebble, I love you

    • Misipi Girl_77

      Have only watched a view of your videos and I'm already hooked and subbed! I've never even been much into birds either. I'm a dog person myself with 4 inside dogs ranging from chihuahua to pit bull and American Bully lol but Pebble is just precious :).

    • Elizabeth Brower

      She always starts out so sweet and then works herself up into cockatoo hell. Lol. I love pebble.

    • Hanna

      How are you guys doing? We miss you!

    • Darbi Erin

      I love this

    • [The Crow's Nest]

      Imagine if Pebble and Max had babies.

    • LA4life LA

      If you want to sell this bird please please let me have it

    • Fan of Pebble Fan of Pebble

      It's the time of a year again for volkswagan!

    • Top Doge

      I understand

    • bluebird

      Gosh missed you both. So glad you are back.

    • sweetbamabelle

      That bird is amazing. She hears and remembers every word she ever heard. Her timing is incredible. You do an awesome job with her.

    • Ritchie Frazier

      The answer to an end of a horrible day is you guys. Pebbles makes us all smiles here..she is a blast!!!

    • Lucky's Tale

      You did what with a volkswagon? LOL Too funny. Love you, you crazy bird.

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