I am so graceful that every step I take, is so well planned out, that I never miss a step. If you think that you may have noticed, in any of my videos, that I have slipped and almost fell on my beak, you are seeing things, because I am nothing less then extraordinary! that fact is true.

    5 replies to "Pebble fail"

    • Tripy1.3

      when will you make another video

    • Soul Surferos

      Pebble speaks for us all.

    • Rachael Farah

      I'm in love! Your bird is beautiful.

    • Demonic Attacks

      Pebbles can do no wrong…

    • Animal Whisperer

      In my eyes, Pebble is nothing short of perfect. Even in captivity, she is wild and free to be herself. She has intelligence, a sense of humor and an empathy that's hard to define in words. And of course, she is beautiful.

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