Everyone was being crazy so I snuck closer to see what was going on. Just as she was going to antagonize chi chi I caught her just before she started a fight.

    17 replies to "Pebble gets caught"

    • Janene O'Neil

      God love ya. …I'm glad my guinea pigs can't talk…lol


      Like a child with chocolate round its face caught in the act…lol
      One thing though the noise volume has to be reduced as it adds to any behavioural acts such as this. Sound absorbing material stops the echo that makes a bird feel stronger due to its volume…
      …It would be better for you as bad behaviour it is done for attention. The calming effect for all the birds will be striking

    • Leslie Dinterman

      Crap he caught me

    • Lis Albertsen

      why does he always sound drunk ?

    • Benjamin Doyle

      Is that a corella?

    • Will Kaplan

      This is weird. Man with 27 birds. I love it!

    • Matt

      How many birds do you have? Do you raise them for a living?

    • leela cabier

      hahaha damn u make her mad haha

    • The Dubster

      LOL I like how she sasses back, hilarious!

    • King Kong Photo

      You should get Pebble her own wiki page…
      I looked to find out how old she is and other misc facts…
      and was surprised to find no page.

    • Patt

      Your neighbors must LOVE you lol Nothing but screaming bird's and profanity. LMAO Honestly I would love it, old people, probably not so much.

    • John Lamphier

      notice the body language on this one. upon being provoked, she pauses, then turns the head sharply, 'marches' to the top of the cage, then releases a blood curdling response while standing at the highest possible peak. she processed her answer instead of reacting instantly. her blood boiled for a few seconds first. lol.

    • Tori Llano

      she said "dad, i was gonna play not fight with her! just listen!"

    • dew bee

      Thank you for the videos of the best bird EVER

    • dew bee

      You stopped recording to early. Love to hear her going ham

    • Lukas the Huskies adventures

      Lmao. She told your ass lolllllll. She was cussing you out.

    • Fan of Pebble Fan of Pebble

      Thank you, MegaBirdCrazy! What a surprise!!! You made your promise 😀 😀 😀

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