The kids are playing down the street and I wanna have fun screaming and running around too!

    18 replies to "Pebble gets excited"

    • wxclim8

      This is me when the leaf blowers are out and it's early.

    • Norma Burress

      I said get over here now she said it again

    • rjh60

      Your bird is insane.

    • Heidi S

      I never realized how beautiful she is till now. You can really see her colors in this video vs indoor videos.

    • Norma Burress

      she said hey get over here now at the start lol

    • Nicole Baker

      I love Pebble. I've watched most or all of your videos and Ive noticed she repeats these same stories over and over. It actually sounds like an argument between 2 people, one maybe a child or teen talking back and fighting with their parent. The amount of swearing she does, possibly re enacting/mimicking sounds like one of her former homes was very dysfunctional. I'm so glad she's with you now.

    • dana-zoe gest

      I understand besides being very smart they are very emotionally sensitive. It amazes me that Kelly can ease her mind/heart. It seems as though Along the way, she was never taught how to settle herself, in part because she was constantly prompted to repeat, or yelled at, people banging her cafe. When she gets to a certain point it is a fearful thing that she will inadvertently hurt herself I.e. Losing a feather is damage. I am so glad Kelly that you have her back, love her and are a guiding hand for her. ❤️

    • Elise the Lucian

      pebble is hilarious! love you pebble!

    • Bieddru Huggy Falsaperla

      can pebbles fly? she never flies in the videos.

    • Venuszenith

      ** get out here now I think she yelled

    • Anonymous Badger

      She's upset she thinks they're (the pets are wrestling maybe?) hurting each other – she is saying 'hurt' & sounds like she's crying

    • Rhonda White

      It would bother me to have her scream like a human child. I'd have to leave the room. it would probably freak her out more. You seem to be pretty good at talking her into calming down. Max the Cockatoo's dad is pretty good at getting him to "whisper" or use his "inner voice".

    • Ryan_Greenwalt

      Are you ever gonna have baby Pebbles? Id be interested!

    • Marc Summers

      Shuuut uuup! she yells at 07. so funny

    • HAL TheBirdLady

      they're just little kids playing
      Pebble goes postal, LOL!! ????

    • HAL TheBirdLady

      lmao! her attitude about children, I just can't stop laughing! that cute girl ????

    • Pat Hutson

      Pebble , I'm with you girl. When something pisses you off, give Them a piece of you're mind.

    • Richetta Jacks


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