Pebble has had some mixed reviews over her videos. people say that we shouldn’t teach birds how to swear. We didn’t teach her this, and never would. Somewhere along her 21 years and 10 homes she’s seen some nasty stuff. There’s a video of old people swearing at their cockatoo on youtube that just disgusts us here and disgusts pebbles as well! This is a message to the people who do and would teach their birds to swear.

We welcome fan input and would love for you to submit your subtitles! What do you hear Pebble say? Send it to this link

    18 replies to "Pebble has a message"

    • Karen Elliott

      A other x rated Pebble conversation bleeeeeep, bleeeeeep, cover ur ears all she's at it again.????????????????????????????????

    • rockinrowdy13

      LOL wow Pebbles really going at it!  I had a Goffin too..Jonesy..OMG what a mouth he had!  His previous human never told was I surprised!

    • lady 149


    • Leslie Dinterman

      I swear I caught Pepple say I told you a couple of times

    • Robert Carmody

      It's amazing how Pebbles is so emphatic. To be able to do that indicates an awareness of what is being said.

    • k read

      Pebble has more personality than most humans. Adorable.

    • Nicola Douglas

      Love you pebble! From the UK! :-)x

    • Kiki Kaya

      Hang in there, Pebble. You have 52K fans! Not bad!

    • Christine Ramos

      Love Pebbles, glad she finally got a great home and owner. .Hysterical

    • Kathryn Flaherty

      Sounded like she said "effin cockatoo". I hope she wasn't called names by her previous owners. She's safe and loved now and that's what counts. Thanks for sharing Pebbles funny antics! Brightens my day

    • April king

      That so sad why do people have to be mean to defenseless animals at least Pebbles has a loving home now and shell never have to hear bad words again

    • Rae Heap

      Dont you hold back Pebbles ur so dam cute you bring many a smile an laugh to me love it take care you two

    • Kiki Kaya

      Pebble is awesome! 🙂

    • Masja Stengård

      HOW long have you guys been married?? ????

    • Happy Matt

      I think pebble has multiple personalities.

    • INeedA ResumeNow

      I love her! She's wonderful and watching the videos really brighten my day!


      pebbles is foul [fowl] {pun intended}


      I love pebbly poo. She's sassy and witty, and can really carry on a good conversation.

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