We had gone through two bottles of water by this point. again the birds are rarely in this room so we’re sorry for the lighting. When she was done I asked for a story and she gave me one. Sorry for the delay in videos it’s has been a madhouse here with an online auction saskatoon parrot rescue has had happening for the last two weeks. 3 surrenders, two sweethearts finding homes. As well as cleaning up after all of these sweethearts. We rarely have a minute. Thank you all for watching miss pebble join her on her Facebook page miss pebbles

    18 replies to "Pebble has a shower"

    • lianne mettam

      i'd like to know what's  the best way to trim their nails?  I've had to take my cockatoo to the vet.  if someone can help that would be great.

    • Niu Niu

      why not take pebbles to have shower at bathtab

    • Greg Bates

      I love this. pebbles is such a character. you should sing more with pebbles like Heathen. I just crack up watching that

    • 18tangles

      how do you put up with the Racket?

    • Brandt McCall

      Pepples is so intelligent and very emotional, it is super to see how wonderful you take care of her. I wish all people took care of their bird or animal friends this well.

    • Patty Nimmo

      guy , you need a new tee shirt, but i admire the love you have for Pebbles

    • Bobby Two

      Can you tell me where Pebbles has gone haven't seen her in ages :(

    • laura denton

      sweet  heart

    • Miss Davies

      i love these vids man keep up the good work

    • maryam seyedi

      We love you so much.

    • Obie dryer

      Wow she shakes her head in agreement

    • Harry Rambo

      Man it must be noisy in that house all the time, I could not put up with that, I like peace and quiet

    • alocintsruh

      I can't stop watching this bird. Pebble is amazing!

    • vapeitup vapeitup

      Awww, Pebble is so happy, chattering away in her soft voice (which is very different to her yelling swearing voice, which I love just as much) whistling, saying hello, hi, barking. Happy girl. Well done Mega Bird Crazy man, she's come a long way. All that TLC you lavished on her shows!

    • terri d

      you love her so much!!

    • Rainbow Lightning Woman

      Amazing bird. Must be a cool guy, she sure reflects character.

    • Bobby Two

      I would love to hear how pebbles plans to take over the world I reckon she would probably do a good job of it too – she is so cool and an all round entertainer let's hope all this propeganda doesn't go to her head hee hee ????????????????

    • jeff parker

      man so entertaining Peeples u r so funny great job guys

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