Pebble and I got into a little discussion, she dislikes my toque and I felt I required it.

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    • Joseph Wallace

      Stocking hat. here.

    • wanderingelkless

      Yoo-hoo where are you two? Sure do miss you! A lot! Hope all is well. ????❤

    • Norah Glavib

      what a sad you have RIP

    • Cemetery Girl

      I'm talking to ya I wanna talk – pebble 2017

    • Piers Mearns

      13 viewers wore headphones

    • jasmine

      we need our toques to keep us warm in our igloos

    • sadia khan

      awwww so cute pebble????

    • Jana

      It's the most fantastic video in the world

    • Tara Taylor

      lmgao. she is funny .

    • Mary Stravens

      you are badass!!my son was born in Saskatoon! plan tovisit some day! where are you? wouldlike to shake your hand a lot of training an patience I bet!

    • Edwina Cobham

      Perhaps the toque reminds her of her abuser.

    • Lil G BGD

      Lol she hates that thing

    • anonymous

      These birds have the intelligence of 5 year old human child. . Imagine a 5 year old having a fit because they want their way . Perfect display by a Moluccan Cockatoo lecturing her life mate about what displeases her. Nothing abusive or mean about it . There is tremendous trust between Pebbles and Kelly… Kelly was right for standing his ground .. I'm so glad he posted this , it adorable how these birds behave , especially Pebbles.

    • Melanie

      "don't wear it, Nooo" ????

    • Deb Gray


    • Deb Gray


    • Nemesis Color

      It's possible that because the bird is mostly attached to him and considers him her 'fella', she's over protective with him as she would possibly be with a baby of hers? And just like she'd get a bit 'bossy' with her own kin, maybe she just likes to have a say on her human too? And perhaps the idea of a cover over his head is something that bothers? It could also be something with a certain meaning in her natural environment. For example, she might not take the sign of a 'covered head' well because in nature, it might mean something threatening, dangerous or simply negative. Something about predators maybe? Or safety? Or just like babies who have issues recognizing and accepting new appearences on their people, the bird may have difficulty seeing her carer's face well with that toque on it and it might be upsetting her.

    • Cindy Hutchison

      I absolutely love watching these videos,pebble is such a cool baby. thank you for sharing her with us all.

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