Once in a while Pebble gets a little vocal and tells me what’s on her mind 🙂

    17 replies to "Pebble in ewok mode"

    • Pfromri

      She is so beautiful and funny! always cracks me up. lol

    • TheChartruese

      She's so pretty.

    • Tammy Bunting

      that little girl is a kick

    • wanderingelkless

      Cos she's such a lady she can't say it looking at you, lol. Pebble you are such a love sweetheart. ????❤️????

    • MadameWolf

      I miss this pretty lady .. I hope both of you and cricket are all well

    • Gauri Ramakant

      this is a old video????

    • Barbara Powell

      you two made me LAUGH OUT LOUD
      and l forwarded this to my sister she thought you were hysterical !!!
      l love her laugh hahaha hahaha hahaha ????????

    • Alex

      Was she genuinely pissed or she just speak for the sake of speaking?

    • Laurie Kilner

      She has been through 10 or so homes. She is a rescue parrot. I do not like the language, but I applaud that she is rescued and cared for.

    • Greg Bates

      Pebbles is great! she got some serious cockatude hahaha

    • Kathleen Tyson

      Her previous owners a taught her

    • Kowgyrl Heart

      Pebbles is absolutely gorgeous!! She's one of the most beautiful Cockatoos I've seen! Her colors are so brilliant and has a personality to match it, I love it!!♡♡♡♡

    • Truthmonger

      sometimes you just gotta let it out

    • Jane Dudynsky

      Bag girl Pebble, you're swearing again. I still love you crazy bird.

    • Tau

      shes so peachy!

    • Betsy B

      So beautiful with a crazy dirty mouth. I love her.

    • tvfilm

      You guys are a great duo.

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