Adopt don’t shop!!! Pebble talks my ear off, usually, everyday when I’m having a shower. I definatly will be working on the camera angle with this and get good video of her playing with the wood she’s got ?? sometimes I even bring her right into the shower with me ??

    20 replies to "Pebble keeps me company"

    • Serene Wright

      Just discovered @Pebble The Crazy Cockatoo today and end up here with the bird f-bombing and the shower going 😀 What are the chances of that??? And all the ladies waiting for that water to turn off….smooth move getting the towel Kelly !! More than one volunteer for holding your towels while listening to Pebble on sentry duty!!

    • The Hair Studio TARN COLEMAN

      Hey how are u doing very worried hope all is well

    • Jill Koerber

      and just like that…..women all over the world were jealous of a bird, and a towel lol

    • highlandrider

      Kelly you sound like Bert from Bert and Ernie Cool

    • Richard StThomas

      Pebble is great! She is full of opinions! And so expressive! Love the Pebble!

    • dana-zoe gest

      AND my Addendum: "Sometimes Ya Just Gotta" and ( I'll Get You, My Pretty and Your Little Dog, too" – Wicked Witch of the West, Land of Oz

    • Daisy Gooz

      Wait… Kelly! Make a reaction video of what Pebble thinks of us ladies getting all worked up with your shower scene. Does Pebble think one of us hide the towel? LOL! Serious, I would love a reaction video of Pebble reacting to her fans reacting to this scene! I bet she will curse a storm. Giggles. Kisses both.

    • Kathryn Flaherty

      Kelly-reading the comments, a whole bunch of ladies have a crush on you!! This is a great way to get a date for you!

    • Julie Ivie

      I have it frozen just perfectly. I just fast forward to the good part where you come out so innocently like your at a nudest colony or something. It is fabulous. I love it you canadians have no shame and you shouldn't have shame. It is a a worthless feeling. Shame is. Shake whatcharmama gave you

    • Angels Haven

      Now uknow that saying birds cant talk is a touchie subject for pebble! how dare u! lol

    • Moose Man

      I don't care if Pebble drops a F-bomb or two. She is sweet. I'd adopt but I have 5 pets. Great videos. Subbed.

    • Jenn Ambrusko

      I'm so happy you're back to filming updates! I missed you all!!!

    • TAMMY Rodriguez

      Omg sir yall are the funniest. I cant wait to see and share. Please keep the videos coming.

    • Inarose Veteanu

      That's funny I believe Kelly has a lot of secret admirers. Kelly us women adore you & pebbles. Having a bad day I'll sit and watch pebbles over & over. Thank you pebbles for the laughs & smiles. You are loved.

    • Frances Silva-Gentry

      I love watching Pebbles and Kelly they make a perfect team

    • Tessa Smith

      Your gergeous! so cute

    • loftyskies123

      ooh kelly what you trying to do to me ,im to old to be seeing naked men im old enough to be your mother , then again no harm in admiring whats shoved in yer face lol . sweet dreams for me tonight .

    • Kyle Davidson

      Tawkin' business!

    • dana-zoe gest

      "All you do is run around the couch and bark like a dog" Lolololol. Luv you, Kelly & Pebble the Upshot of this vid is that Pebble let Kelly hold the conversation.

    • Antonella Alberico

      I love this bird so much . she is such a sweetheart.

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