Pebble was hanging out and laughing, watch as she poops and laughs about it 🙂 you have to wait until about 30 seconds in or so

    19 replies to "Pebble laughing at her poop"

    • Leilani Eretson

      I don't know who's laugh is better, Harley or Pebble

    • Scarlett Robinson

      I think about these two everyday! I love them. I can't wait for the next video. I check everyday❤️

    • 김여사

      I love Pebble!!! And I think we, both have the same character and rough mouth !

    • Lezlie Morgan

      lol i keep rewatching this i swear that laugh at the end sounds like me when i laugh so hard and get winded at the end lol

    • Ronai Maddux


    • Drea H

      This is so precious! I don't know much about birds but I assume they learn noises/words and know when to use them? Or is it more often random to the situation?

    • Allie Callie Smiyh

      why do you have a outside bird when it gust pooped

    • H White

      LMAOOOOO @ PEBBLE ????????????????

    • Kat McCleskey

      best laugh ever ????????????

    • susan wardrope

      I love her ???? laugh she's clearly happy ????

    • Aurea Gold

      This happened because you said you cannot be her boyfriend. See her poop as revenge for dumping her

    • FlowingDepths

      Lmao! Pebble is awesome, so are her caretakers xD

    • Terra Guerrero

      I love Pebble laugh

    • 512diane

      Oh nooo! Hilarious! ????

    • Paula Linder

      Lol Pebble????

    • leela cabier

      day evil laugh he ah haha

    • Nico Grava

      She is so evil hahahha 😀

    • Sharon Atkins

      I????????????pebble …what a crack up she is???? ànd sooooo beautiful☺

    • HeyitsShay

      She cackles at the thought of you cleaning her shit off the floor. Love ya, Pebble!

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