Adopt dont shop!!!!! Pebble works herself up yet once again but I caught the build up this time instead of just always catching the crescendo we’re doing well things have changed a little bit once again for the better thank you all for watching

    19 replies to "Pebble let’s me have it"

    • Michelle Stepp

      I heard I'm weird, volts wagon, and freak out

    • Karen Elliott

      Bleeeeeep,f bleeeeeep ,f and bleeeeep,rated x,parents cover kids ears????????????????????????????????f it all she saying .

    • Melanie Gaspar

      So glad you guys are back. Your videos are great!

    • Jennifer Mackay

      Such a beautiful bird! I love her so much! ????????❤️ lots of love ????

    • Fabardo Awesome Productions

      I love pebble makes me laugh

    • cdawson198600

      What a great speech, no teleprompter either i see just straight from heart. Seems like she got heated too 🙂

    • Flock Legit

      "Are you a Turkey?"

    • julie Mclean

      Kelly, you're so lucky to have such a wonderful creature in your life, I'm sure you know it. love to you both from here in UK. xxxx


      I think memories of her past make her talk like she does.
      She is remembering others talking/having arguments and acts them out…
      …Like we have repeating thoughts via our subconcious – she is the same ,only acting them out.
      …We can rationalise these thoughts ,Pebbles can not do this.
      …On TV, try and watch a couple arguing and then resolve their differences WITH Pebbles;her reaction seeing a positive outcome would be fascinating. Nice to see some new vids after your loss of the little bird.

    • Nerine Bouaoun

      I WISH I could adopt a Moluccan! I have been searching for months for one! I lost my beloved Umbrella Cockatoo in April. She was my constant companion and spent nearly all of the day, every day out with me on my shoulder or on a perch next to me. I am a "Cockatoo person," and have an African Grey for sixteen years and a Double Yellow-head Amazon for 22 years. I love them so much, but our flock and I will not be complete until I find a Moluccan.

    • Robert Carmody

      How old is Pebbles?

    • Robert Carmody

      Pebbles definitely has her own mind, and isn't afraid to say what's on it!

    • truthbknwn

      Glad to see you back. I wonder if birds can have PTSD…

    • wtglb

      Hey you guys are back! I'd given up on ever seeing you post a video again, I hope everyone is doing well!

    • Tina Walmsley

      I love this bird so much!!!!! Xxxxx

    • Beverly Stuart

      sounds as if he is swearing at you

    • Chuck Duby

      Hi Kelly and Pebbles nice to see you both back. I've been waiting for new videos, my Parrotlet Kiwi loves watching Pebbles. He is just learning to talk, and says tickle tickle, kiss kiss, and pretty boy/bird. I have a question how can I stop him from biting? Sometimes he really hurts. Thanks ( I have to use my bfs YouTube my iPad mini won't play the videos) Deb


      Samual L Jackson must have been a previous owner.
      Someone should do a mash up of her talking over a S.L.Jackson film.

    • Morpheus Maximus

      Also how are you still sane living with two cockatoos?!

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