Pebble honestly loves to dance 🙂 and Gaga always gets her going 🙂

    9 replies to "Pebble Loves to Dance"

    • MrLetmein2011

      God I love that little girl!

    • bambi raptor

      Lol the head twists

    • Sandra Marino

      Sweet girl.

    • Kristi Pitts

      Love love LOVE YOU PEBBLES ! ❤????????⚘

    • Scarlett Conlon

      please more dancing Pebbles videos

    • Jaynie W

      God I love her hahah

    • Mercy

      I just have to say Pebble is the most incredible bird I've ever seen! So intelligent, so many emotions, and now beautiful dance moves!! She is so lucky to have you and a wonderful, safe forever home now. I think you're pretty lucky to have her too????

    • Scardy Kat

      What a sweet man

    • HeyitsShay

      Wow, she's really going for it!

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