Pebble loves playing catch! Well, loves me tossing it to her, so she can make me pick it up. She’s not as good as Sammie at the catching part but she sure knows how to throw!

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    • Lorraine Wheeler

      i think pebble wantches max lol

    • Y ou

      I want to meet Pebble and get her autograph!!!! Lets make it happen!

    • Michael Kingman

      what a kick ass cockatoo!

    • Demonic Attacks

      Just when I thought she couldn't get any cuter!!!

    • david denis

      she was pretending for a moment she was a baseball player and ahe was doing the wind m up and then the pitch.

    • Scardy Kat

      She is having fun there !

    • Rebecca Whitley

      I'll say im falling in love with pebbles! How could she have gone though 10 homes?????

    • LaPoyre

      Pebble needs babies! Please make her have eggs with an intelligent cockatoo like her! Maybe they will grow up even more fantastic! It would be awesome I'd adopt one baby or fund it ????????????

    • Eon Ziggy

      adorable cute pebble

    • Chantal Aitchison

      She is amazing!!!

    • HeyitsShay

      Now toss your hat up there and see what she does 😉

    • Sandra Marino

      Pebble is happy. So happy for her….

    • TheBirdyBabe

      So cute! Good job Pebble!

    • magpieeye

      Pebble is so smart!  What a little character.  I could watch her all day 🙂

    • Monica Bouza

      Hes like a child. so cute

    • crystal miller

      Sounds like everyone is excited today. Pebble can throw very good. Looks like she is doing very well thanks to you.

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