Pebble is still her crazy self, but not in this video 🙂 she’s telling me how wonderful it is just too be alive! I am just enjoying her chatting 🙂

    20 replies to "Pebble talks go nowhere"

    • Pauly Wally

      I think yall were both stoned this time

    • Robin Greene

      I love Pebble!

    • C B

      Queen Pebble??

    • Vera Aubert

      Pebble buttocks?

    • Vera Aubert

      C'mon, let's go! where does he want to go?

    • Gamms2003

      it would be great if you put her words she says on the screen too – then we could learn how she says things

    • Northern Cold

      What a sweetheart Pebbles is. I wish I could understand her chatter.

    • Barbara Lloyd

      Like both guy or owner of pebbles also love birds got cockatiel myself

    • Holly Winslett

      I Love Pebble soooo much

    • Captcha Neon

      That's a good reminder to anyone thinking of getting a parrot or cockatoo "I can hear everything". I'm brand new to your channel and already binge watching!

    • VampGirl508

      Her videos could be used as anti depressants. ????‍♀️

    • Marilyn Hudson

      pebble.. You're, spectacular.. Thanks, to Kelly for the care, he gives you…

    • My Mimi

      I just love the way she stomps around. Yup…yup…what's that?…yup…We sure love Pebble. She has turned into a very good listener. Those are the words you use when she is talking up a storm or going off on you. Sweet girl.

    • loopiewho

      Sometimes pebble looks a slighty pink color is she pink?

    • Jessica Milestone

      I could watch Pebble all day! In fact, meeting Pebble is on my Bucket List.

    • Dennis M

      what a beautiful bird! The camera must be high quality as the feathering on Pebbles had superb clarity.

    • breadandcircus1

      I love both of you

    • Elizabeth Hudson

      check out her posing

    • vapeitup vapeitup

      In a gentle mood today Pebble! Graceful and reflective. I wonder what your thoughts are, beautiful lady?

    • Mary Rochon

      I'm in love with this intelligent beautiful bird. She has a good home with tons of stimulation.

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