An older video from the beginning of summer she never let’s me get a word in! ADOPT DON’T SHOP!!!!

    20 replies to "Pebble telling more stories"

    • Попугай Финикс

      Pebble is so calm and not even trying to take off. I've taken my cockatoo out and he is so Easley spooked by everything outside. Sadly cannot trust him.

    • leonsdenin

      all this while I was thinking, after the world is burned down by the other 3 cockatoos, who will tell the future world wat happened?? well, u have Pebble the story teller!!????????

    • alex mur

      she clearly loves you so much Kelly. you treat her like the beautiful baby she is, she makes me miss my parrot

    • MiMi35

      before bed time…..pebble and Kelly time????

    • Lorraine Wheeler

      she has alot to sayl ol

    • JKL

      You are so kind to your animals. It's so nice to see.

    • Dune W

      Haven' seen any new posting from you for a while. Hope everything is well with you Kelly and Pebble. It is a lot of work to take care a smart and chatty bird like Pebble. All the best.

    • m gilroy

      please can you add to the video some subtitles showing what Pebbles is saying as I can't understand her

    • Summer Rn

      Please make more videos. I miss you two.

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Where are y'all?! We need more Pebble! 🙂

    • Paula Gallagher

      Missing seeing you both….hope you are doing okay!

    • 2nikki7

      I can't understand shit she is saying lol

    • Kristi Pitts

      I miss you guys videos

    • Robert Smits

      hello Kelly and pebble. How u doing m8? its a bit late but I wanna wishes the both of u a amazing New year and all the best for 2017 🙂 And plz Let us know if everything is ok? greetz robert

    • CDXXIX

      She looks so healthy and she's so pretty, voluptuous, and colorful. Must have great genes.

    • Kitty Vaughn

      Kelly, missing you & Pebble. How are you?


      Does pebble have more than on personality? She talking with a deep voice. I love her she says whats on her mind.

    • Debby Custis

      She definitely has the gift of gab ????????????

    • Vanessa S.

      I hope you two are OK. It's been 3 weeks since you posted here. Any subscribers know if Kelly posts Pebble videos on another channel?

    • elmogoesballs deep

      You should post more videos and subtitles of the words she is saying ???? precious baby pebble. <3

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