Pebble was enjoying hanging out looking out the window and started her yabbering again

    20 replies to "Pebble telling stories"

    • Parrot Playhouse

      She looks so happy and healthy. You are doing such a good job with her and all the birds in your rescue❤

    • William Elfe: PJ Masks!

      She has a lot of feathers!

    • Kristi Pitts

      Pebbles is so wonderful lol !!!

    • Where's my Irish whiskey? Tullamore.

      Sounds like she was kept in some thugs drug house.

    • kawaii cupcake

      my girlfriend says..I hv'a tumour.. magine dat.*Proceeds to tilt head

    • Kirby is Thebest

      He keeps cursing!!

    • Gracie P.

      I don't know about stories, but she's telling something! 🙂 With gusto too – whatever it is she's saying, it's clear she really means it. I have officially fallen in love with this sweet, feisty, courageous girl, as have pretty much anyone who watches her, it seems.

    • kimberly cornelius

      Love her she's speaking her truth

    • Mark Filcher (Mark In The Shed)

      She's amazing, and has obviously had a hard life before you got her, I wish there were more people like you to help these wonderful, charming, amazing birds

    • Eric Flock

      at 0:24 I believe she saying Im' talkin about fuck fuckin flyin'

    • Anna42132

      I just want to hear him say fuck Obama. Lol

    • sixthday132

      Lol, waaaahahahahaha. I will give you one million dollars for that bird.

    • Mary Uhlik

      now she's in your home that. your nice, no yelling or swearing. i wonder if she wonders why these people not yelling or swearing… .

    • Mary Uhlik

      .19 she said…and don't talk back

    • Sarah Prescott

      She is my spirit animal… I @#$% love her!

    • Dorte Løkkegaard

      Love her talking

    • helge herrmann

      Did she say " Fuck You!!!!!"

    • denise stevenson

      I loved the video, I like watching when I am a bit low, it brings a smile to my face, Pebble is beautiful and please keep the videos coming. I wish I had her, she would brighten up my day every day……xxxxxxxx for you Pebble.

    • Dixon B. InnerMouf

      pebbles is my hero…

    • Jarod Kinney

      LOL, The end how she turns her head and says "whats a matter"

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