Pebble came to us a little while ago, she’s 20, and likes to bark at our dogs and then tells shut up at them. We did not teach her this, but she does it all the time to them and seems to enjoy it. She’s a wonderful bird, super friendly and we love her to bits 🙂

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    • Deb Gray


    • Kristin Gallo

      She said shut up ????????????.

    • Tiffany DeLuca

      She's such a ham! Love her

    • Helmut83

      Haha this bird is a freaking genius.

    • Teen Gohan

      Lol she likes to tell the dogs to shut up I heard it XD

    • Bohamian Princess

      absolutely crazy how much they sound like whatever they imitate..❤❤

    • Marsha MacMillan

      Pebble : "bark,bark,bark,woof,woof…Shut uup!!" Lol!

    • MALICE Kitty

      Haha miss Pebbles has woken my bugg up with her barking …. awesome x

    • kindheart98

      i love how the cat seems confused by her barking

    • Kate Hare

      Maybe at the end she may have said "shut up" lol. I'm not sure.

    • Kris Harkin

      I wonder if that is swearing in dog language

    • Lou Lou th crazy African grey Zoe de Franco

      I totally love pebbles pls can u tell me how to stop my parrot from screaming pls

    • Jan Pippin

      So fascinated by this bird! I could watch for hours ! 🙂 Amazing …!!

    • Mike Miller

      Ok it's official, I'm addicted to Pebble! Grumpy cat got nothing on Pebble..Lol

    • Rita Peters

      I love her too, what a blessing of fun she is.

    • Liz Andino

      I love how she barks lke a dog! ???????????????? She's so pretty!!♡♡♡♡

    • monicahummingbird

      oooooh I used to have all these pets at home together as I see in your video… a dog, a cat, a lovely parrot (also a fish and a hamster) miss all of them specially my children who grew up so fast 😀

    • Angel M

      To MegaBirdCrazy : I see a dog, a cat, and a lot of other bird cages…you have a real menagerie there especially with that wonder bird Pebble…must be fun ????

    • Heidi Dietterich

      My parrots love to watch Pebble! It's funny to watch my two watch her!

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