I thought this would be funny for a change. To visit the complete original video, visit this link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0f8xnaDIAow

    5 replies to "Pebble the Cockatoo rants about Virginia Election"

    • Catherine Breitfeller

      Poor baby – he has no idea what he is saying
      Shame on previous owners who taught him this language. I don’t like it but when watching him I can’t help giggling a little. Shame on me !

    • Janeen Harris

      I've often wondered what Pebble was saying. I never thought she was a conservative. Maybe we should ask her? Just cover your arteries when you do.

    • Kristoff Bjorgman

      Doesn't Pebble realize that Gillespie was an establishment republican? In a way, this defeat for Gillespie was good for the cause.

    • Vicky Abramowitz

      .38. "I will chop your artery." (I believe her.)

    • Sandy Davis

      This bird cracks me up..gotta love pebble!!

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