Pebble had a little bit of yelling time b4 bed 🙂 and flipping and a little bit of barking in there as well 😉

    17 replies to "Pebble the Crazy cockatoo is back"

    • Jenny Smith

      Who is that sexy bird? Oh it's pebble ????

    • Veronica Silva

      How many pounds is she ?

    • Liz Ben

      I love you pebbles????????????

    • M C


    • moises rocha

      That a good. Bird. You. Have

    • dee welsh

      Lol never heard pebbles being so polite? ……… What have you done with the real bad ass pebbles? Lol

    • tmkongen

      That is the most funny piece of entertainment i think i ever heard. Thanks!

    • Nat Allison

      I love her little "hello" it's so sweet

    • Andy Summers

      What a lovely bird I love to have one but they are sure pricey for cockatoos at £1500 upwards.

      Wow so loud!

    • Najma Najma

      hai pebble I want to see your more videos I like you

    • Pumpkin the Wonder Pug

      Pebble…I hear HOLLYWOOD CALLING!!!!!!!!  Pack your bird bag and go!!!!!

    • Carol Coates

      This video is two and a half minutes too long!

    • phil tillson

      Should have ended with "I will outsorce you"

    • Khloe Navarro

      BaRkInG iNtEnSiFiEs

    • Zackary Turner

      is that your dog barking?oh no my its just my bird

    • rgzafra

      This escalated very quickly, much earrape.

    • icelily8_kalabs lol

      I guess the dog was mad too.

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