We were asked if Pebble was overweight. I thought that when we got her she was 950 but she’s not she’s a healthy avg weight for a moluccan 🙂

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    • Kathleen Tyson

      Out of all your "kids " Pebble is my favorite she is just so damned adorable it's her personalty

    • noah galarneau

      who saw the bird on his shoulder

    • Bree Coleman

      Bobs her head and turns away in shame lol

    • Rebecca Lane

      as a bird owner you are very great with your birds I can tell that you're very knowledgeable and loving babies and as a bird owner you know they are our children

    • Trisha B

      She turned around when you asked her if she was fat, haha

    • Shawna Logan

      How come she has those circles around her feet?

    • Animal Whisperer

      HI! I have a question: how did you obtain so much knowledge of parrots? Did you attend university or other institution for higher education? Thanks. I think it is wonderful what you all do for these birds; this work cannot be easy by any definition.

    • Animal Whisperer

      Doest thou haveth an attitude, Milady Pebble? Yes, Milord, Thou art correct – the @%##ing scale!

    • bulldog lover

      I have to add another comment: I just love Miss Pebble!! She has dignity along with that sense of humor.

    • Syrena Webb

      who said she is overweight?! she is perfect! just the way she should be! what a sweetheart <3

    • MistofRain752

      Love this bird……

    • tarns22

      This is the quietest I have ever seen her! haha.  Love when she turned away when you said "Are you fat?"…awww poor Pebbles, daddy calling you fat! None of us ladies like that moment when you jump on the scales and have to read the number Pebbles, its OK to be quiet about it 😉

    • bulldog lover

      What a Cutie Pie!!! And a beautiful lady bird!

    • redren

      I'm surprised she didn't have anything to say about that…

    • Animal Whisperer

      Pebble is beautiful! 'Nuff said.

    • coco fina

      recently found miss pebbles and have seen your other birds, they are all such a delight to watch and cheer me up. Would love to meet these feathery friends. You're doing a great job looking after them????????

    • Lukas the Huskies adventures

      Lmao she turned away like how rude daddy you never ask a lady if Thry are fat hahahah omg. Love her. Who said she is overweight. I've seen bigger cockatoos

    • crystal miller

      She has a wonderful girlie figure and she is beautiful!

    • Sharon Bevis

      And I love you too fat or thin. She is a lovely bird

    • Fan of Pebble Fan of Pebble

      Oh fluffy Pebble, I love you whether you are fat or not.

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