Adopt don’t shop. Pebble has approved her new toys and has verified there is perfect sproing in the new boing!

    19 replies to "Pebbles new swing"

    • Winter Fawn

      She loves it! What a great Dad you are. Oh My Lord..what a character !

    • Rebma dna

      u2 are so cute

    • Zaid Farrell

      Why have you stopped uploading more videos of sammie and Pebbles both?

    • Pengamat

      Very entertaining, she's really cute!

    • lumie soucek

      Oh! she is singing. Pebble should have her own television show. She is the smartest bird of all.

    • Victoria Libby Valdez

      hope your doing better

    • Muffet Tuffet

      pebble is so cute!

    • Norma Berdecia

      I love to watch Pebbles and his dad interact. It is just so wonderful. Pebbles makes me laugh with his antics.

    • lisabolo26

      I love how you two get rowdy together!

    • Jane Gallagher

      Pebble does not lie.

    • xrcrx ftfghjg

      Kelly you are so good with Pebble

    • Ruby Harris

      Looks like she loves it! she's such an adorable, happy Lil camper!

    • The Crow's Nest

      Pebble puts the "crazy" in Crazy Cockatoo!

    • iasockertopp

      I see thats she's letterly crazy about it.

    • vapeitup vapeitup

      Sing while you sing, awww what a sweet little sing-song voice, l love it! I think you like your new toy a lot x

    • dana-zoe gest

      Oh, Love her singing…

    • Angie Rae

      singin and swingin

    • Ricovali

      She's the sweetest……most of the time.

    • Jennifer Snyder

      How sweet. Pebble is singing with happiness.

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