Adopt don’t shop! Pebble and all of the other birds you hear are all previously loved birds. I only have 3 birds with me at the present time as I’m no longer part of spr. Thank you for watching!!!!

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    • Kat Patterson

      she can walk the walk and talk the talk

    • aAaa aAaa

      Haha how many birds are in the background? hear so many… Wondering where you guys live, by the accent I would guess Alberta or British Columbia

    • Diane Lynne

      Awe I love you Pebble. ❤ can always put a smile on my face.

    • Smithy Vlogs

      I love when she has her head sideways and her wings out ranting, she's hilarious ????

    • Aries

      Pebble: Be more dignified! More sexy!

    • vapeitup vapeitup

      Oh Pebble, you are always so busy doing something! You're very clever and beautiful, did you know that?

    • diane wilson

      I love how you just vacuumed the couch prior to shooting this. (You can see still the freshly marked vacuum head strokes LOL) i still love all your videos. Their fun, educational informative, and reveal a lot of stuff I wouldn't have heard of had you not mentioned it. Like round cages and stuff.

    • chengstax

      pebbles's like "don't you see that ghost up there in the ceiling?"

    • 블리입니다


    • Joel Weidenfeld

      she seemed to stop that physical behavior,, they are so physical,, more than other parrots,, is it natural or from being held prisoner in cage jails. They mimic better than humans or any animal,,, I bet they pick up on human physical movement that we don't even notice about each other any more.

    • Roberta Di

      Does Pebbles ever call the cats or meow?

    • Rhonda White

      Does Pebble shred boxes or newspaper like Gotcha or chew wood into splinters like Max the cockatoo? Seems like a lot of what she does is pace on the back of couches and yell. Maybe she needs a hobby!

    • susanne egli


    • Gillian Castle

      Pebble's such a cutie ❤

    • wanderingelkless

      Daddy … I'm walking to keep up with my girlish figure!

    • ricsobo

      What about your other parrots you still have Jojo?How is she?

    • Nancy Darling

      Thanks for another Pebble video.

    • Michelle Davis

      There's always something to talk about with this beautiful bird I???? you Pebble

    • TheHeavyMetalBrony

      What do you think you´re doing?

      – Oh, I´m just an innocent little bird daddy. Yep, I´m not causing any trouble at all, I´m just a silly bird who´s not a little drama queen stuck in a moluccan cockatoo body at all. XD

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