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This is Phoenix my African Grey Parrot doing animal noises & beat boxing. She just turned 3 in August.


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    • domster

      Would love to own a bird like this but I totally appreciate the time and
      dedication you need to spend with an animal like this…wow you have done
      well with your bird and have enjoyed watching this :)

    • Niphatta P.

      she is so smart

    • FuzzyBrunty

      the head bopping reminds me of quagmire xD thumbs up if you agree

    • Switchbldekitten

      Great video. I can tell you have devoted a lot of time to her. 🙂

    • greengrendel


    • Krystaladams08

      This is too adorable. Mine won’t do anything yet. What’s ur secret?

    • Patricia Kelly

      You are so right .I have 2 african greys and my salena the female does not
      want to talk much at all but if you look at my Gilligan the boy OMG he
      never shuts up .I can teach him something in a week and he learns it so
      fast Take a look at my Gilligan on my you tube here

    • AChimowicz

      i love her chicken impression

    • HaloHounds

      My two African grey dance swell lol

    • MiBizzuh

      Super cool footage!

    • killaj870

      very gorgeous bird we just got a male AG from some people who were
      mistreating him he is only 7 months old and very lovable despite being
      mistreated very good natured around the kids and everything hates our
      french mastiff tho he growls at her lol but very gentle

    • Libra3lilly

      How about a wolf? Nods head Are you a monkey? Bock bock bock bock Lol I
      love this parrot XD

    • Samantha Stolwijk

      how did you teach him to awnser to what you want thats amazing!!

    • KKCockatoos

      So sorry to hear your sad story. I don’t know how people can be so cruel
      with break ups. Regardless of how you feel about each other you should have
      enough respect to let them visit the ones they love. Stupid people. I hope
      the bird is in good hands at least. I’d love to hear if you found a baby to
      call your own. It’s been a few years so I’d hope so lol

    • zakstheone

      She’s adorable… I can see that you have given her a lot of time,love &
      care.. My Zak who is now 3 beat boxes,animal noises & swears far to
      much,he’s difficult to film though as soon as he sees the camera he shuts
      up,ive even tried secret filming,cant fool him though hence my clips of him
      are when he was very young.. Its so nice to see a healthy happy African
      Grey.. thanks for sharing 🙂

    • humera ginwalla

      HHahaaa ..very cute. I have an african grey tooo….they r soo adorable

    • FuzzyBrunty

      lmao i love that grey xD i have 1 too ^^

    • Chuck Fraser

      I want that bird!!

    • alxluvshrs

      thats sad that she did that i would take her to court because its your bird
      not hers! but itll be ok atleast you can make a new relationship with a
      different bird!

    • budam buddha

      never knew they were so smart!

    • XOXOhollymarieXOXO


    • Terry T

      If your still looking for a new baby… I can’t recommend enough Joe &
      Mary’s Parrot Place. You can find them on google. I got my Timneh grey
      there and she is a wonderful and sweet girl. (she was also dna tested) They
      have Congo’s too. all their baby birds have such wonderful personalities.
      Best of Luck in your search. Your X-gf had NO right to take YOUR bird. She
      actual stole her. If she was a gift to you, she had no legal right to take
      her. Best wishes in getting her back

    • Nipde

      obvously she’s done it before.

    • iammonkeycam

      i like the monkey call

    • Clara Tzau

      super cute!

    • camaroguy803

      That Is why Congo African greys are the smartest parrot in the world. if
      anyone does not believe me look it up on line. beautiful baby you got there
      keep it up and no telling how far your bird will go.

    • Bubba Jay

      wow what an amazing parrot.

    • Pheonix Williams

      lol thats funny my name is pheonix lol and that was really cool

    • Nibbit

      Awww, what a sweetie! She’s very beautiful :).

    • tmdodds

      This bird is gorgeous and as someone else has said she was a gift and is
      therefore legally yours. Do everything in your power to get your Grey back
      – she must miss you like crazy as Greys tend to be one person birds. Your
      ex is being cruel to the bird by keeping it from you and she is being cruel
      to you. Hope your next girlfriend treats you with respect – your old one
      sounds like a psycho.

    • Phillychik10

      lmao!!! LOVE the monkey! that is ZEEEEE best ever!!! she is awesome =)

    • wrathchild356


    • niilzon

      nice training :p

    • MsHorselover8

      @one97hotss Will this technique work with a blue and gold macaw?

    • kazo999999

      dude thats so awsome

    • oggys1

      You: How about a wolf ? Parrot: (dancing like crazy) XDD

    • asdffdsa9

      Very good job, I see you have a way with animals, nice to see

    • CYW Yvette

      You should have taken you ex to court…animals (alto we love them as
      children) are considered property….if she was a gift as you said then she
      was your property, plus with the fact you were the primary care taker in
      the birds lifet…you would have never lost the case… Sorry for your
      lost….take her to court

    • ParrotTrainingSchool

      Awesome Video! I’ve enjoyed watching it!

    • SCOAlba

      How old is she ? Mine is only 19 weeks but can whistle Woot-Woow and say
      hello a little.. Ive just had it sexed and still awaiting to see what it
      is.. Hope its a boy !! Great Parrots, Very Intelligent and very tame !

    • ceejay1992

      What a smart bird, how long does it take to train one this well? Everyday
      training, I assume, but approx. how long for?

    • bladerluca

      I have 1to 🙂

    • Miranda Vierra

      Are you a money? Hahahahahah mms:) (made.me.smile)

    • BrookeBrookie22

      I wang one soooooooo bad xD

    • tinasattler1

      she is so smart

    • AndThenThereWasAmy

      So cuteeee! I want an CAG one day. For now I’m sticking with a GCC that I
      will be getting in March.

    • MsRivera1982

      Smart bird:)

    • Shobi Kanobi

      :O That african grey is amazing! (Y)

    • labronson1

      Lol cool

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