Introducing Pompeii. This Blue Crowned Conure was accepted into FCBS, and will be up for adoption soon. He talks andd loves attention. He’s not to big on getting his back pet. And is in perfect health. Thanks for watching.

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    • spiritum77

      oh such a cute bird.. 😀
      I bought mine not more than 2 months ago, and he is 7 months now and im allready his 4th owner.. he is thrusty tho and started to barf up food for me 🙂
      He aint leaving me even tho he bites a lot.. guess thats just for fun cos he got my laugh when he does it hehe.. and he loves to laugh.. even when ppl on the telly laugh he laughs 😀

    • TheFlyingDharma

      What a sad story. He's adorable.

    • Catherine O'Brien

      Da Vinci is his old life partner. The people surrendering him kept Da Vinci and gave up Pompeii because he talked to much for the husband.

      basically he was jealous because his wife loved the bird i got the impression so he told the wife pick the bird or me you can keep only one.

      She kept the quiet one.

    • Catherine O'Brien

      Da Vanci was his life mate! Later I discovered he was Morning him, but there was nothing I could do legally. he was a surrender because he spoke to well, from what I was told.

      Pompeii was adopted to people that loved him. They spent 40 hours bonding with them at FCBS before they brought him home for adoption.

      He was such a good bird!

    • Craig Hunter

      Da Vinci! Love it!

    • banarabbyt

      Yes they are hard to take care of. It's like having a baby. So unless you are prepared to spend most of the day with your bird then don't get one. I have two and it's a full time job. As soon as I get home it's about changing their food and water, chopping up fruits and veggies, playing with them, cleaning their cage, etc.

    • eminemlover321123

      hey i was thinking about geting a conure and was wondering if there hard to take care of ive never owned a bird before so i was jw thx

    • Catherine O'Brien

      Possibly , possibly not . but I have figured out maybe 300 reasons they pluck. I think I did a video on plucking a while back also.

    • Hannah Ross

      Ok I Will Post A Video Response Will That Help?

    • Catherine O'Brien

      Yes there are LOTs of reasons why they do it. Its your job to find out why.

      Without being there I can not possibly guess.

    • Hannah Ross

      I Have a Blue Crowned Conure But He Plucks His Feathers Out and He Wont Stop. Do You Know Why Or How To Stop It? P.S. he Has Been Like This For 20 Years

    • Libni Areli Hernadez

      que bonito video me encantan los pajaros

    • Catherine O'Brien

      I take showers WITH the bird beginner if I have a skiddish one. The shopwer MUST be on MIST, and must in no way resemble a typhoon or hurricane to the bird. Invest in an energy saving shower nozzle. They can be found at Lowes or Home Depot for about $3.99.

      Never leave them un-attended. Sneezing is normal. Continuous sneezing is NOT. If in doubt remove them.

      Showers are like therapy for our birds here.

      I hope this helps. Consult your vet if you have any doubt to my advise please.

    • Catherine O'Brien

      For birds scared of the shower… There is a GREAT product called the EASY MISTER. It is silent and NO TRIGGER that birds hate. We add a little of a product called AVIAN RAIN to the water, that's very healthy for birds.

      Use it until the bird is soaked avoiding the face of course. This will add moisture to the air and help the birds respiratory health.

      Birdie should start flapping its wings and side stepping and act generally excited. They will enjoy the attention also, and look forward to it.

    • Catherine O'Brien

      We offer a shallow dog bowl or a little box for larger birds with slightly warmer water than room temp in the winter and a little cooler in the summer. Splash your fingers so they can see you playing and that should attract their attention.

      Remove the bathe after they are done. Don't leave it for their drinking.

    • Catherine O'Brien

      Great Question! All birds are different like humans, & ALL birds need to bathe. Open drinking water can germinate potentially terminal illness bacteria withing 4 hours after changing. Especially for food dunkers, making it unsanitary. We use water bottles. (different topic) converting to a water bottle. Bottled water stays basically Bacteria free for up to 4 day but you loose the mineral benifits after 2 days so it should still be changed every day. and remember often that it isn't clogged.

    • Catherine O'Brien

      Pompeii is about 5 1/5 years now. He was adopted
      in 2007 by a wonderful family.

    • Catherine O'Brien

      I will send you a message in you homepage on a few things it could be, that you can check.

    • EnVision

      my sun conure itches alot is that a bad sign? is there any thing i can do to help it stop itching i am gonna take it to a vet to be on safe side but between now and then if theres any thing i can do let me know.

    • scorchedcandy

      Aww! That is such a cute bird!

    • Johnny Williams

      That shower scene was simply incredible !!!
      LMAO @ them having a perch to themselves !!!
      Do tell,,, is it warm to mild temp water running ?
      Well Done !!

    • JstUrHope bts

      glad to hear it!

    • Catherine O'Brien

      Pompeii has found a permanent home. Summer 2007

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