20 replies to "Poppy the African Grey’s best talking video"

    • Melanie Williams

      Amazing how many words, phrases this bird says!! :)

    • Valentina Ó Connell

      how do u get u Parrot to come down to u

    • Ladyhawk Feathers-in-her-Hair

      Very entertaining. My Amazon isn't impressed, but he's getting old. :)

    • Venuszenith

      I think Poppy wants something to eat :)

    • aspen anderson

      "I want tators." xD That's my favorite.

    • J Gomes

      wait till i get mine

    • Benjamin “Ozias” Esposti

      "La la la … quack quack"

    • Nancy Barton

      I actually put videos on like yours so he hears other birds..he seems to like it as he gets making noises..not sure if he is a he or she, but I will keep trying. I can put my arm in the cage and he never tries to bite. I have pet him but he kinda freaks and tries to get away from me. I'm sad, I have had Amazon parrots, blue front which had a way different personality. hope he comes around..

    • Nancy Barton

      my bird is afraid of me..he has been rehomed several times. im trying to give him a safe happy place to be in but he shivers when i go near him…im very sad..

    • Dan Bob

      He's awesome

    • Brennan Amos

      This is fake

    • YippaDoo

      Poppy looks like she could be my bird's sister and their bands look the same.

    • Deborah Atkinson

      Hot beak lol

    • lynn cantrell

      He speaks with a lot of words, but do they understand what they are saying?

    • Cynthia Richards


    • Cynthia Richards

      Is she sayin I WANT TATERS? AND I AM LONELY? Thats so sweet!

    • Tina Geiger

      my grey is watching this and when poppy said "what do you want?" mine said "apple" LOL, mine keeps laughing at this too

    • Cynthia Richards

      I know this is an old video, but you notice he is constantly asking for food. or requesting you to come to him for something, he wants you to come to him and play w him and feed him. He even said he hungry. Listen and he will tell you what he wants.

    • Keith Casteel

      my african grey talks very little and doesn't let you pet him or hold him..he will bite the crappie out of you and always hard enough to make you bleed..

    • Jeremy B

      Hehe that bird likes to talk! :)

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