parrots learns to use toilet

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    • Deb B

      Gotta be careful, if they fall in the toilet, they might drown. Parrots
      can’t swim. Early on we taught our gray to ‘poop’ on command by saying the
      word whenever he pooped. Later he started saying it himself as he went,
      then, I got him to say it before he did it by getting to him as he started
      to squat, then repeatedly saying it before he did it by getting him to step
      up (keeping him busy so he didn’t poop yet), he automatically steps up when
      a finger is placed in front of him. Bingo; a parrot that tells you he’s
      about to poop, and you have time to get him back to his cage door (ours is
      like a drawbridge, has a plastic mat under to catch the poop). Just don’t
      say the word if he’s sitting on your shoulder! Even another person saying
      it can trigger the bird to dump on you! 

    • Shithra

      Really bad idea to potty train a bird. A bird can’t hold it. It’s
      unhealthy. They have to go when they have to go, there is no waiting, and
      it’s where-ever they happen to be. The longer the bird waits, the more
      toxins build up in their body. They have VERY efficient bodies(more
      efficient than ours), and thus toxins must be excreted as soon as possible.
      If you can’t handle bird poop, don’t have them. Plain and simple.

    • IdarkphoenixI

      Slow day at the local news studio again. msnbc? Oh…..

    • birdlady423

      My cockatoo Geronimo is also potty trained, but I just hold him over the
      toilet. CUTE VIDEO!

    • Wendy Gunter

      I have an African Grey too and since the first day we got her Every time
      she poops we just say “poop”. She eventually learns what it means. Now we
      can hold her over the toilet or trash say “poop” and if she has to go
      (which is usually a yes since birds poop often) she goes.

    • Cayla Standifird

      That’s impossible the bird has no control on it’s bathroom Skills I read it
      in a book it is impossible to potty train any bird

    • Alison Pointing

      My cockatiel is potty trained too… Just goes to show, it’s not the most
      amazing thing for a breed as intelligent as the African Grey can do…

    • Diane leach

      Ive seen it all now!

    • 483Emma

      “Wow really wasn’t expecting a reply for posting such a minor comment”

    • NayOnFrames


    • motocrossspeedbump96

      hey! he didnt wash his hands!

    • thepeacemaker180

      my grey does that

    • noe meza

      i want a bird like that

    • Swarthy

      it get’s puffy like a chicken 😀

    • skygaser

      Make it do phone calls

    • littleripper312


    • exoticlonghair

      las mascotas educadas hacen sus necesidades en el excusado las malcriadas
      lo hacen por toda la casa

    • Eric deMonye

      My Sun Conure Figaro, will poop if you hold him above the toilet or garbage
      and tell him to, and if he doesn’t need to go He’ll fake it, Guess he’s
      trained me that the trip is over when he does one or the other..

    • EZcheez

      how does she know when he wants to poop

    • fissoello

      Man, dude.. That’s pretty darn racist. Had a bad day?

    • Robin klantarn

      lol? hahaha fail if the parrot had learned it then it would fly there
      himself. my parrot does that to when i put him there…

    • wendym1234

      They are really smart birds! Instinct tells them to go randomly, but just
      like us- they can be trained to control the behavior of pooping! If you
      know your own bird’s poop routine and don’t ask it to hold it in then I say
      this is a cool thing! I’ve seen a few websites and videos on this so I
      believe it’s true!

    • Bob crabs

      i find it funny how some people are amazed by this while bird owners are
      like “eh, Its not that amazing…” XD

    • Brieana Hill

      shut up i have a hyanith macaw the largest of all of them and guess what he
      poops on comand with the proper training its possible

    • hasan nehir

      my atie has these african birds

    • cockatoosmom

      I have several cockatoos that are potty trained. Sun Bear one of my Tritons
      tells me when he has to do his poopie and the announces to the world by
      flapping his wings and telling everyone that he did his poopie!

    • littleripper312

      I would be worried he might slip in there!

    • cwwdrc

      Typical male, leaving the toilet seat up when he’s finished.

    • FuseBox

      Mine does the same thing… I call it “sqwushing down”. They essentially
      compress themselves like a closed accordion to take the bowel movement.

    • Cilly Honey

      Apparently it’s not impossible.

    • blackeyes6789

      it looks really really cute when he poops !

    • Versibus

      5 stars and favorite. Thanks for uploading.

    • FuseBox

      Same here.. I say “crap” and he craps on command.

    • Corvidae Crowfoot

      Shut up you critical bitch.

    • ThePCgamer199


    • Suppressingfire

      looooooooooooooooooooool OURS JUST HEARD THE WHISTLE AND REPEATED IT LOL

    • Julie J

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    • Mobilebum


    • mermaidamp

      Emile has the same name as the rat from Ratatouille.

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