Check out Pebble the Crazy Cockatoo. Kelly rescued her from an neglectful and abusive situation and now she is happy and has a great Dad and home. She picked up language in her last home which is something that can’t be taken out of her, she doesn’t know what she is saying is wrong. She is so sweet, funny and cute.

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    6 replies to "Prince Remy watching Pebble the Crazy Cockatoo.. Shout Out video"


      Talking dinner – this is mesmerizing)

    • sioling muntreng

      Hello,new subcribe.44.greetings.
      I am waiting for a return visit on my channel.????????????

    • What Up Woofie

      Remy was really tranced with the cockatoo 🙂

    • Cat Leo

      Remy so crazy by wachting on TV. Leo no interested. Greetings from Cat Leo

    • Jericho & Thunder The 2 Gray Cats

      Remy is great at watching things on the screen. My Jericho and Thunder aren't interested in things on the screen.

    • Magic Melody's Meadows

      Just love how Remy watches the cockatoo video. We had a parrot when I was growing up never talked like that but did ask if you wanted a beer baby. I'll have to check out Pebble.

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