Rachel, a blue and gold macaw talks. Hi everyone, it has been a really long time since the last video upload. I am going to try to go through the videos and upload more soon.

    19 replies to "Rachel Parrot on shoulder, talking and jabbering (Macaw Talking, Parrot Talking)"

    • man waterman

      he's very beautiful pretty, nice color.
      especially the full yellow color.
      bird kiss on your sweet belly

    • Scarlet Reaper

      Omg I love Rachel ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Darla Santo

      Ahhh she is sweet

    • Noor 3094

      that's so cute ,I'm thinking of this style of cutting it's wings

    • zach krauss

      Why do her wings look incomplete? Why doesn't she fly away? ….. this is very confusing because it almost seems as if the wings have been.. defeathered to prevent flight. Which, if the case, you then deserve to have your legs removed.

    • Travis West

      Over 150 Likes Without Dislikes , Wow Best Video Ever!!!

    • puppetmasterin

      So when you uploaded this video, she was already gone…:-(RIP Rachel!!!!

    • Akash Joshi

      Can she fly?

    • Brandt McCall

      Would love to see some more videos of Rachel Jason, she is great, the banter between both of you is so special.

    • Brandt McCall

      You guys have an amazing friendship. Jason I think you are a bird whisperer, you could also volunteer at exotic bird rescues. This is really gift you have Rachel completely trusts you and feels safe good job! Many rescue birds have been traumatized and being around you would be very healing for them and would help them recovery. You love these birds volunteering would be fun for you. All the best and keep up with the videos they are wonderful to watch.

    • Yancy Quinn

      All way to Cute!!!!!!

    • Scott Sherwood

      where's your latest posting Jason? love your stuff!!

    • Nil roy

      The owner of Rachel is more cute than the birdy 😉

    • CB Turtles333

      dude you are super hott

    • maria suykerbuyk

      are you sure that's it is a girl? His/her head look like its a boy

    • Line-katrine Naley

      I really Love Rachel`s sweet voice <3 She is great talker 😉

    • SAM GH

      How it doesn't fly away

    • Adriel MUtopia

      The bird at the end is a bit more silent and wonders if you are a parrot cuz you dont stop talking hehe

    • Yumyumyum

      She's really gentle with you, does she ever bite anyone? My friend has Greys and they are one person birds – watch out anyone else!

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