20 replies to "Rachel the macaw talking on the hammock"

    • Baileypup 2001

      Hello Jason. I came across this video again, and I thought I would wish you well. I hope everything has gotten better over the year, and again I am sorry for your loss. I hope the best for you and Jason

    • Darla Santo

      She is funny…what you doing?
      You are so good to her

    • Rachel April

      My name is Rachel too.

    • Mplsmndude

      You both gave her such a wonderful life. 🙂

    • Yancy Quinn

      Love your videos. Rachael is a ham! She ever have moody days? She's great!

    • Wasa bisa

      Macaw is such a beautiful and clever bird but one thing that I really concern are its very long life span. I don't know whether macaws get on well with other people or only their owner. Do rescued macaws can be tamed as baby birds? What can you do if you travel oversea ?

    • matthew

      i stand happily corrected.

    • 정서윤

      come back!!!plz :):)

    • Pelle2510

      No more videos? Why? Its so funny..

    • DamnitSamit

      Can she fly? It doesn't look like her flight feathers are clipped.

    • Omi Cuevas

      She's beautiful!

    • htcevo12

      So cutie cutie pie

    • JMK

      I enjoy your videos n subbed. hope to see more in the future 😀

    • bossyjossy14

      i love love love Rachel she seems like awesome company and an awesome pet 🙂 but i do know they are alot of work as well so i don't think i will ever own my own parrot but i hope u keep posting more videos of Rachel so i can pretend i own a parrot lol

    • Hanzo Hasashi

      Beautiful bird.

    • P.W.I.M.H

      Så fin fågel, och fina färger! Sött!

    • Sofy Dela

      She is very pretty and funny. It's a very good work Jason. Awesome and wonderful. Thanks a lot and do it again…. Kisses

    • Malea

      I swear one day she says: GOOFY BIRD! 

    • Space70747

      That parrot is cool. But she can talk.

    • Burr Nelson

      When she was saying uh oh it looked like she was playing with imaginary socks like in one of your other videos.

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