During the recent Global Gita Conference held at Datta Peetham, it’s convener, Dr. P. V. Nath from United Kingdom, who has translated Pujya Sri Swamiji’s biography into English, was talking to Pujya Gurudeva and Sri Bala Swamiji. He mentioned that parrots of Shuka Vana are able to say “Rama”, “Datta” and other words but might not be able to say “Hari Om Tat Sat”. His wife immediately said that Gurudeva can achieve it if he wishes to.

Ram, the African Grey Parrot was born in Shuka Vana in Mysore Ashrama. It was being taken care by Smt. Lalita & Sri. G. Satyanarayana inside Ashrama. Even after the bird was an year old, it had not started speaking. When it was brought to Sri Swamiji, He took the parrot in His hand and told the bird that it will be sent away from Ashrama if it does not speak. Instantly, it said “Datta”. A little later, it said “Hari Om Tat Sat”. Now, Ram says “Om Namah Shivaya” and other Namas. It is indeed a blessed bird, having got Akashara Abhyasa from Pujya Sri Swamiji. Sri Swamiji remembers Dr. Nath’s wish and conveys his blessings and good wishes to Dr. Nath, his wife and the volunteers of Shuka Vana.

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    • Shailendra Rajavaram

      Words fail……….Amazing !! Great Job by SGS Birds team…..

    • Nadesh Datta Acha
    • Shashi Tripathi

      Ram, the African Grey Parrot chants Hari Om Tat Sat & Om Namah Shivaya. 

    • Rajeshwari V

      Wow! Saying different namas continuosely! Really excellent and
      appreciable… Thanks Puttuji for introducing such a talented wonderful
      bird of Shukavana. 


      sri guru datta jaya guru datta

    • Srinivas R

      African grey are the most intelligent of parrots, there is a lot of
      research going on them, very one know about alex and enstine…

    • BrahmaBenedikt

      Jaya Guru Datta
      Ram speaks so well he has certainly learned something from Kali the African
      Grey Parrot. It must be great being born in Shuka Vana caressed and nutured
      by Sri Swamiji. Ram must have learned most important Mantras right from the
      egg. He must be a great personality because he takes care to speak very
      Sri Guru Datta

    • Kamala Brattig

      Being born in Mysore Ashram as a parrot leads to a Sadhu-parrot :).
      Chanting mantras all day long, knowing all holy syllables and listening to
      bhajans daily is natural for them. What an amazing and blessed bird-life!

    • Sankaran Hariharan

      Jaya Guru Datta, lovely and inspirational. How blessed this bird is chant
      all the holy names and taken care with pure love and affection of our
      beloved Appaji.

    • Vindar Badall

      Jai Guru Datta. Om Namo Hanumate Namaha.

    • shera ramesh

      Lord Hanuman is the son of wind. He flies through space like a bird and
      even crosses oceans effortlessly. 

    • Anjani G

      Om Namah Sivaya, Hari Om Tatsat.

    • Jagadeesh Pothuru

      Ram is Great and excellent

    • Shuka Vana

      Ram is the African Grey Parrot in Shukavana Mysore. He continuously chants
      names of God. “Hari Om Tatsat, Rama, Om Namasshivaya” – Watch in this

    • Tun Ga

      JGD what wonderful HARI OM TAT SAT story … thank You swamiji OM OM OM
      hari om tat sat

    • RkAnju-Sanjeeva Pavan Datta

      Jaya Guru Datta.

      Kali chanting divine names with so much respect and humility showing great
      wisdom and devotion, so wonderful feeling watching this video.

      Kali you are Awesome!!


    • yvv satyanarayana

      Sat sangam & saadhana

    • Soumya Datta

      Really estonishing to see and hear how parrots can evolve and grow when
      being brought up in such special environment !

    • sri devi

      Jaya guru datta appaji

    • Lila

      Hari Om Tat Sat. Om Namah Sivaya. Beautiful chanting by a blessed soul.
      Jaya Guru Datta.

    • Mudium Saiprasad
    • Girija Sgs

      त्यामुळे आकर्षक

    • Govindh K.V

      Wow! Excellent video. In this fast generation its hard to make people Chant
      the DIVINE Names. In such conditions of FASTNESS in todays world, its
      extremely wonderful to see the birds saying the Mantras. Great Video.!

    • Subba Lakshmi


    • Seshadri Sekharan Devarapalli

      Its indeed a delight to see Ram speak multiple words continuously – JGD

    • Anja Thiele

      wow, sooo wonderful!! amazing!! If we humans could talk the whole time such
      meaningful words as this divine Parrot…..JGD!! 

    • Prakash Raghavan

      Ram is so cute! Lucky to be born and raised in Shuka Vana!

    • Srinivas R

      Ram, way to go, so cute…

    • Mahesh Arava

      How sweetly the blessed bird is chanting Mantras. Literally speaking many
      people could not utter “Hari om Tatsat” kind of a mantras properly how
      come a small Lovely bird utter it so clearly !! With the DIVINE GRACE of
      Appaji any wonder could happen. Now I recollect a Sloka in a sataka Pangum
      langaithe girim… even a Physically challenged without legs can climb
      hills with the grace of GOD.

    • Girija Sgs

      हरी ओम फाटलेले शनि आणि ओम नमः शिवाय

    • Shuka Vana

      Meet Ram, The african gray parrot chanting Hari Om Tatsat in Dattapeetham,

    • Vonteru Dhananjaya

      jayagurudatta it is great the african gray parrot chanting hari om

    • parcha vishnu

      Ram Wonderufl bird, so cute and admired how accurately it is chanting the
      mantra. Appaji is a living example for sativikopasana and proved birds can
      also chatns divine mantras.

    • Candy Surjan

      It’s amazing how Swamiji teached these birds to talk an chant d name of d
      lord and how they know to call him Datta and Rama as he is them himself!!!!
      Jai Guru Datta

    • denica mihailova
    • Dasharatha73

      Ram seems to be as talented as Kali, the other star African Grey Parrot at
      Shuka Vana.

    • Radha Devaguptapu

      Jaya Guru Datta Appaji. We should learn from birds how continuously they
      are chanting the names. Great souls.

    • Rama Rayudu Metlapalli

      Jaya Guru Datta! Amazing bird setting example to all of us to chant the
      divine names of God! What a clear voice! 

    • Srini Chundu

      So divinely wonderful! We all have to learn from these divinely committed
      beings. Hari Om tath sath! Sri Guru Datta

    • Venkata Rama Krishna P

      jaya guru datta appaji.. this is so unbelievable and amazing.. hari om
      tatsat.. datta .. rama.. 

    • Datta Babu

      ‘Hari Om Tat Sat’ means ‘That is Truth’. That which I see with my eyes and
      that which is beyond my eyes are both the same, not different. The creator
      and the creation are not two. The creator has not created creation, but has
      manifested or transformed himself into creation.
      All these truths are represented in the mantra ‘Hari Om Tat Sat’. When I
      say ‘Hari Om Tat Sat’,
      We will be realize and understand only with Sadguru/God Divine Blessings,
      Ram (african grey parrot) very very sweet voice,and its totally amazing
      divine yoga bird 🙂 

    • Sruti Parvataneni

      Jaya Guru Datta Appaji! It’s apparent that chanting “Hari Om Tat Sat”,
      “Rama”, and “Datta” is part of Ram’s daily activities, as he is seen
      standing on one leg in a relaxed state. It is so cute when he chuckles
      gently in between his chants. 🙂 

    • Srikanth Akula

      Rama bird is really great .
      Sri Rama Jaya Rama Jaya jaya Rama!

    • sravankumar bairy

      om namah shivaya

    • Kalyani B

      Thats really cute and lovely talking Parrot Ram

    • Harish Ajjarapu

      Jgd Appaji very beautifully and clearly chanted, its a lesson to all the
      human beings to keep chanting the divine mantra

    • Bjp Narayana

      jaya guru datta…….. fantastic !!! – Sri Raama Jaya Raama Jaya Jaya
      Raama –
      Om Namo Hanumatee Namaha – Sri Guru Datta. 

    • Sanjay V

      Jaya Guru Datta Datta Prabhu (SGS Birds) Very beautiful fantastic – Sri
      Raama Jaya Raama Jaya Jaya Raama – Om Namo Hanumatee Namaha – Sri Guru

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