Researchers conclude that parrots have their own musical tastes.

Inspite of all the research, there’s still so much we don’t know about the birds and animals on our planet.

Recently, scientists discovered that parrots have their own preferred musical tastes.

Researchers observed a set of African grey parrots and monitored their listening preferences. One enjoyed slower tunes, while the other opted for more upbeat songs.

A touch screen monitor was placed in their cages, giving the parrots a selection between two songs. One bird seemed to consistently play a pop tune, while the other opted for a more soothing, classical song.

They both were fans of folk and rock music. The two birds danced by bobbing their heads and squawked along to the tune.

However the parrots both reacted badly when they heard fast paced, electronic dance music. The birds would let out a high pitched, distressing scream.

Earlier this year, scientists noticed that some birds exhibit another human-like behavior. According to data collected by researchers from the University of California Davis, the western scrub jay in California had been observed making distinct calls to other jays in the area, possibly to warn them of potential danger after discovering a dead jay.
The birds then congregated around the dead body of their fellow jay, seemingly signifying a bird funeral.