Ruby showing off her pretty wings

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    • とりすきーぽっぴー

      Awww. Soooooo cute!

    • Eric Weisbrot

      Our Hahns Macaw pretty similar to ruby ( our eclectus is actually named Ruby ) she would laugh, and says I want cracker when she wants a treat or water and also sings apples and bananas

    • Olivia Dimalanta

      i say pretty bird to mine and he shows his wings

    • Daniel La Breche

      i am honestly considering on getting a hahns macaw think it would be good with a quaker. they seem so affectionate!

    • PhelanVelvel

      "Pretty wings" is officially the best trick ever. :U

    • Jennifer Ledbetter

      She's gorgeous, and so sweet!

    • Semper Numquam

      Ruby is such a gem. I've probably watched this a few dozen times. I need help.

    • Sinda Golem

      Hi. I had a Hahn's Macaw years ago, stolen from us. Does anyone know where I can find a reputable breeder that has hand fed healthy birds?

    • Jen C.

      Gorgeous bird! She is so cute

    • bella061309

      Ruby is not on the heavy side. Her feathers are just very healthy.

    • bella061309

      The "pretty wings" trick started with me just lifting her wings and at the time I say "pretty wings". I did it repeatedly and after about a week She just started doing it after a while.

    • bella061309

      Hahn's macaw can be loud but when it starts talking, it talks more than it screams. The trick to teach them things is to repeat all the time and give them treats once it does it. Teach it one thing at a time. We always interact with our bird. We spend minimum of 3 hours a day. We talk to it just like talking to a human. It's one of our baby. We have two birds btw. I highly recommend getting one

    • Victoria Joie Sia

      Hi, I am planning on getting a Hahns macaw, I am just wondering how is it like to live with one? I also really love the "pretty wings" trick can I have a tutorial video on how to teach them that? 

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