A short video of Ruby in the shower on her sandy perch. She is 8 months old now and still not sure about the water but is slowly getting used to it. She is allowing us to put the water on her front, but not her back or overhead as she just flies off overhead or on her back (as you will see lol)

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    • Mellisa Vogel

      Film ruby in your back yard

    • Luis Nunez

      How old was this cutie in this video,she looks small. My african is 3 years
      old and he doesn’t like water

    • Megan McGrath

      @ErickLazcon4 That statement is like the funniest thing anyone’s ever said.

    • Donthatejustskate

      i always taught water was bad for parrots

    • summerisnotthebummer

      i hope the water is warm

    • Kim Brown

      good to see good bird owners out there it is good for birds to get showers
      occasionally since their feathers carry a lot of dust etc

    • AvengedSevenfold9000

      I thought you would have to buy like some type of bird bath for these type
      of parrots… wait how often do birds take a bath

    • grueneorange

      I don´t have a parrot but from what I´ve seen on Youtube some parrots like
      to bathe in water bowls, some like showers and some like to be sprayed with
      flower sprayers. Perhaps you would like to watch Charlie douchen by
      lievedisney. Maybe your parrot could watch, too – I don´t know if they
      understand films very well but it really looks like Charlie has fun and it
      might be worth a try.

    • wataprincezauqaria

      HAPPY late BIRTHDAY!

    • Savo E.

      @ranmainuyashalover how much cost one?

    • Hidfors

      that is NOT a happy parrot! o.0

    • Anil Karamahmutoglu

      i was searching “football fights” look what i got!

    • Fat Jan

      Ruby is so sweet. She is so well behaved.

    • Meredith H

      I probably wouldn’t soak my bird like this …. this isn’t abuse but the
      bird doesn’t look that happy. Unless their is poop or something on the
      bird, soaking prolly isn’t a good idea.

    • verticalsmurf

      Not all birds like showers. Some prefer baths. I’ve never had to teach my
      birds how to bathe, I just gave them a dish of water and after a few
      tenative steps in there was water everywhere and the result was drenched
      parrots happily preening. ‘Showering’ is not natural for a bird, and if
      your bird is showing fear instead of interest, curiosity and excitement
      when you are training it, then something is wrong with your technique.
      Birds should trust their owners completely and never have fear.

    • Juliana Marquez

      @AzureClarity xD haha that’s what my parrot does. He’ll walk around and
      take care of himself while i do the dog and myself.

    • verticalsmurf

      The bird doesn’t want a shower.

    • heathey2

      What a real gorgeous bird. You are so lucky and she absolutely loved her
      home with such a nice family.

    • genralr12

      same lol. mine just screams and swears at us. so to wash her we usually
      just fill the tub with about an inch or two of water and let her play

    • AgentBiteMe

      My bird likes taking her baths in her water bowl cause that’s the only
      thing she likes

    • htucker

      If you still have problems showering your bird, get a spray bottle at the
      store. Put it on the mist setting. My cockatoo loves when I mist her.

    • AquavivaSK

      I am sorry by my grey parrot hates to be in a shower

    • hitmanstevens17

      she had enough at the end…

    • Julie Swahn

      A great bond you have there.. such a sweet bird!


      look at u your all wet

    • Mike Zilla

      My cockatiel hates the shower but loves getting misted with a spray bottle.

    • yoyo


    • flychomperfly

      1st- i compliment this owner for giving her bird a shower–which they do
      need on a regular basis. in the rainforest, where most parrots come from,
      they get frequent rain showers and they love those showers–you can see
      videos of that. 2- in this case, the bird isn’t totally enjoying her
      shower. as some have pointed out, if you watch videos of birds that love
      it, they open wings and ‘get into it.’ 3- even so, this bird is FINE–she
      is clearly full-flighted and can leave at any time–as she does

    • sixtysevenyears

      shes so calm compared to other parrots

    • billsurlatete

      my grey despises showers, he just flies away and goes mental

    • roverturbo1

      she is so cute. i wish my ash would take a shower he hates water..

    • Necrolitica

      I kinda wish I had a bird. They’re so intelligent.

    • verticalsmurf

      Not entirely true. If a bird/animal trusts their owner, they will let them
      put them in situations that they aren’t entirely comfortable with. It isn’t
      always necessarily fight or flight. Sometimes there is trust. This bird
      looks very trusting. If this bird were enjoying the shower, it would be
      flapping and not standing still. It could be that it is a new experience
      and it learns to enjoy it, or it could be that the bird hates it but
      doesn’t know what to do in that situation.

    • LeMaymay

      It’s definitely obvious you know how a bird feels and how it looks when
      it’s terrified. Please go spew your shit elsewhere.

    • soonwon75

      poor parrot:(

    • 675075

      very cute

    • olivianne100

      cute my bird are cute to

    • That alex girl

      Aww 🙂

    • Jacqueline Mak

      looks kinda like a pigeon

    • Daniel Sacks

      it varies a lot…i mean ive seen greys online for $3K in NY where i
      live..sometimes 2K..it completely varies by the age of parrot…the
      breeder..whether its already weened/hand fed..anyway its very complicated
      but usually over 1K..hope that helps

    • spralin

      what a nice bird!

    • iamthepolice

      my bird hates showers…..he just wants a bowl full of water so he can go
      dive into it!! lolz they smell sooo bad when they r wet!! yyuukk

    • lpscookie TV

      omg the tail is butiful my girl plucks and she is a king grey 🙁

    • Poop .Stink

      She looks petrified hahaha, occasionally tilting her head

    • Pcolasparky86

      how do you dry her after showers?

    • Rusty Shakleford

      Gawd Damn Hippies -nixion-

    • MPSecare

      @ErickLazcon4 why are pets so interested in our toilets…

    • Deagan Otterspeer

      LOL my grey african is like this just wants to get out there a little more
      eagerly. This one is just shocked and doesn’t know what’s going on haha

    • Sergio Ov

      damm i tough it was dead at first

    • fracc90


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