At long last, another installment of Ruby! We let the camera run for 30 minutes, tried to eliminate as much repetition as possible, and this is what we came up with. Hope you all enjoy it.


    • Vvunyto vVeb

      Want sum blovv…

    • Vvunyto vVeb

      How tu catch a predatur…

    • Lori W

      Wow! Amazing vocabulary and spoken so clearly. Well done, Ruby!

    • Min

      Brilliant Ruby, it makes me feel amazed and also sad in a way. I think how incredible is the detail of what they remember, and what if the owner never comes home one day and the rest of the family have to keep hearing his words and his way of speaking. I mean the fact that they can repeat things with such detail is awesome, but for me the issue is that they mostly don't have any awareness of the meaning of what they say.. It just feels like dealing with a mentally ill person in the family.
      Sorry for my dark perception of this.

    • Gizmo b

      Omg!!!! She is sooo cute!! How old is she?? Mine is 2yrs old ?

    • Karen Brown

      Ruby, you're gorgeous and soooo clever and smart!!

    • Christian_alex14203 Cool

      I love talking birds but at some times it can be creepy

    • PanickyDragon 117

      It took me most of the video to find out that Ruby was the name of the bird. I thought it was a kid lol

    • ILoveCookiesLP

      It said my name ;D

    • Travis West

      How Old Was That Parrot In 2007?

    • jonathon jennings

      hello princess ruby

    • Hanna Silver

      Am I the only person who finds this to be fairly creepy??

    • Team Skrillex Productions

      She's a very smart parrot! I love it when she's talking and singing, and I love it when she does the phone noises…

    • Paulina Banach

      Have a female eclectus called Rubi and she's so lovable! She doesn't say as many words yet but she's not even two yet so hopefully someday she will! I love your video and every parrot called Rubi especially my own! And want to thank to my boyfriend for making me love birdies as now I'm crazy in love with them! All the best for your Ruby!!!

    • Monster Master Gojira

      My dad has an African grey named Brandi. She was annoying with all that talking!

    • dlwatib

      That bird is obviously obsessed with telephones. I'd love to be there when the phone rings and someone answers and says "It's for you" and hands it to her.

    • Hilary

      Greg's are so amazing!!

    • xD3p3ch3L0v3rx

      That ?? section? After Ruby says don't bite (06:30) was "quit that" LMAO.. My parrot will say that a lot… stop it.. don't you bite me… hahahahaha

    • Kayla Ott

      Whooooo! The last few seconds haha!

    • BugzBunnae

      How do parrots talk!!!!!!!!

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